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If you are having difficulty obtaining a mortgage or struggling to find a lender prepared offer you a remortgage; shopping around by yourself is not the answer. Each time you apply for a mortgage with a lender they will do a credit check on your background. Normally each time you apply for a mortgage, the new search is recorded on your credit file. This is known as your credit footprint and it informs other lenders that you have made other applications for credit or a mortgage. Making several applications for a mortgage within a short period of time can have a negative effect on your credit rating.

Our panel of mortgage brokers are able to shop around for the best mortgage deal and only provide your details to a lender who is likely to make a mortgage offer. This keeps your credit footprint down to a minimum.

To submit your mortgage enquiry, please complete the simple enquiry form below. We will then arrange for a qualified mortgage consultant to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


When mortgage lenders see a large number of mortgage applications for credit on your file that have been made within a short space of time, it can cause alarm bells to ring. It is normally an indication that you are struggling to manage your existing financial commitments, or that someone is possibly attempting to commit fraud using your identity. Mortgage lenders are therefore extremely wary of any abnormal or excessive activity on your credit report.

Obviously, a high number of credit searches may be as a result of shopping around for the best mortgage offer. To avoid this problem, mortgage lenders normally carry out two types of searches; a credit application search which will leave a hard footprint, and or a mortgage quotation search that leaves a soft footprint.

Obtaining quotations through our panel of mortgage brokers allows you to get basic details of what's on offer from a range of mortgage lenders, whilst leaving only soft footprints on your credit report. Once you've chosen the most appropriate mortgage offer, you can then make a formal application for the mortgage; thus creating a hard footprint. Lenders should always advise you before carrying out a credit check or verifying your identity via your credit report.


There are many different types of mortgages - including fixed, discount, tracker, interest only and offset mortgages - this is why an apparently cheap mortgage deal may not always be best for your needs or indeed end up as your cheapest option


All banks are currently lending mortgages but the reality is that many are taking a more stringent approach to making mortgage offers. You are best advised to leave it to a broker who understands the market and has experience in negotiating the best deals for his or her clients.


Although the Bank of England has made significant strides to help homeowners by dramatically reducing their bank rate of late; many Banks have yet to pass on any substantial reductions in their rates of interest. Our mortgage brokers will know which banks are likely to make you a mortgage offer at the best rates of interest.


Qualifying mortgage applicants and the rates of interest they are offered will depend entirely on your credit rating, value of the property and the amount you are looking to borrow.

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One thing you can be sure of is; if you qualify for a mortgage, our brokers will do their utmost to ensure you receive a fast response and mortgage offer.