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Get a Mortgage Quote Advice, mortgage arrears information and guides from mortgage brokers. Find mortgage brokers specialising in mortgage arrears. Find advice, information and guides on mortgages for the self employed, discharged bankrupts, IVA mortgages, mortgages with CCJ's, advice on mortgage arrears, information on debt consolidation, poor credit and bad credit mortgages, guides on self employed mortgages, mortgages with county court judgements and solutions for poor credit mortgages through specialist mortgage brokers.

People with mortgages get into arrears with their mortgage payments for various reasons. Quite often, mortgage arrears are caused by unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or ill-health, or redundancy. Either of these things can lead to a loss of earnings which, in turn, causes difficulty in keeping up with the monthly mortgage repayments.

If you end up with mortgage arrears as a result of falling behind with your mortgage repayments, then your mortgage lender may try to repossess your home.

Even if you manage to clear the mortgage arrears before that happens, you'll have problems getting a new mortgage in the future as and when you move house or want to take out a remortgage.

This is because the mortgage arrears will be noted on your credit record, and when you apply for a mortgage in the future, the new mortgage lender will see these past mortgage arrears on your credit file and so view you as a higher risk.

If you are behind with your mortgage repayments, whatever the reason, then fill in our online enquiry form. There is a good chance that one of the mortgage brokers we work with can arrange a new mortgage for you to let you pay off your mortgage arrears and remove the risk of having your home repossessed.

Anyone who has had mortgage arrears in the past and is now looking for a new mortgage, will find that they have a smaller choice of possible mortgage lenders. This is because most mainstream banks and building societies are wary about offering a mortgage to people who have previously had problems keeping up their repayments and so have let their mortgage go into arrears.

At Clean Slate Mortgages, the mortgage consultants we work with are experts at finding mortgages and remortgages for people with mortgage arrears and other types of bad credit. So if mortgage arrears are stopping you getting a mortgage or remortgage, or if you are in arrears already and want to try to save your home, simply complete our online enquiry form and we will pass your details to a professional mortgage adviser or broker from our panel of specialists.

If you have current mortgage arrears and you act quickly, the mortgage specialists we work with may be able to help you sort things out and remove the risk of repossession.


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