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The three money making ideas I have already given you required no investment and could easily build you a residual income of several thousand pounds a year as a home based business. Couple this with my money saving ideas and the question of "how to get rich" becomes when. However, making real money requires investment and making your money work for you. I make my money by investing in internet businesses and property and you can do the same but only when you have put your house in order.

I invest in internet businesses because I understand the internet. I know what it takes to get a website into the top ten of Google which is where the money is made. I should warn you now that most websites never earn a penny for their owners, simply because they are competing against millions of other websites. I also make a point of surrounding myself with business partners with the skills and knowledge that I lack and I lack an enormous amount and good business partners are hard to find.

I also invest a great deal in property because it is a good, solid medium to long term investment that can return reasonable income and good capital growth which is tax free until you cash in. If you don't sell, you are accumulating tax free wealth. I will show you how to do this but you should not get involved until you have put everything else in place that I have recommended and started to accumulate wealth in your own right. You need a little time and patience.

You should never invest in any business venture unless you have thoroughly researched it, understand exactly what is involved and if you are not experienced either have sound business partners or professional advice. I only recommend money making ideas where I am already making money and know the potential. In other words I put my own money where my mouth is.

Money making idea number 4. Helping people reduce their utility bills. I have already recommended this as a money saving idea. Hopefully you took the trouble to investigate it and sign up. You will make substantial savings and reduce all your utility bills by switching but you can also turn this into a profitable home business by recommending the service to friends and family. In fact some people do it as a full time job, working from home. It requires a small investment on your part and you should only take part if you are committed to making it earn you money. It won't earn you a penny unless you are prepared to recommend the service and actively participate in talking to people about cutting the cost of their telephone, gas and electricity bills. Not a bad little business though, getting paid to help people save money and a very easy sale when you can demonstrate how much you save every month on your bills.

This money making idea, along with all the other money saving ideas and money making ideas I have told you about should put you in a position where you are a good few hundred or even thousands of pounds a month better off.

Money making idea number 1. Online boot sales.

Money making idea number 2. Writing articles for the internet.

Money making idea number 3 Selling stories and or photographs to magazines, newspapers and the media.

I know I bang on about it, but if you are to start accumulating wealth, you have to ignore the temptation to start living the high life with your newly acquired financial status and start to put your money to work. If you have followed all my advice, depending on your circumstances, you should have tucked away somewhere between 8,000 and 15,000 in your bank account inside 6 to 8 months. This will of course depend on how strictly you have controlled your spending and how active you have been on the money making front.

You are going to need a minimum of 8,000 to participate in my next recommended money making idea.

Money making idea number 5 Buying property abroad. Who would have thought that you would be looking at investing in property abroad six months after you first started working on my money saving and money making ideas. Here you are with money in the bank for the first time in years, looking at buying your first property in what could be a string of properties. Don't start jumping the gun if you have not got the money behind you.

Investment property abroad provides an excellent investment opportunity for both income and capital growth and it is something you should be working you way towards. For example: An apartment in Morocco can be bought for around 18,000. Countries like Bulgaria and Turkey are all up and coming holiday destinations and people are cashing in on the property boom. Morocco is just starting.

Let's say you bought one apartment for 18,000 with a deposit of 5,000 leaving a mortgage of 13,000 over 15 years. I would suggest your calculations should be based on an annual repayment of 1800 per annum. You will need a further 1,000 to cover legal expenses, 200 to cover advertising and a cushion of 1800 to cover the first years mortgage repayments. Hence the 8,000.

Now, letting the property at an average of just 180 per week for 20 weeks of the year returns you 3,600 per annum. Less mortgage repayments leaving you a net profit of 10% per annum on the rental income. This of course does not include capital growth on the property and I would conservatively estimate 10% per annum in the first few years as Morocco grows in popularity. That is 20% per annum on your investment and doesn't include the holidays you take yourself when you use your own holiday apartment. (There will be service charges to take into consideration but I have been conservative with my estimates).

Obviously, the bigger the deposit you put down, the less the mortgage repayments and I would recommend borrowing as little as possible. Pitch your rental charges right to get the bookings, as a week not let is money lost and never retrieved and you will soon be in a position to buy your second apartment.

Don't contact me about buying an apartment. I don't sell property; I buy property as an investment and then rent it out. As I said earlier, I practise what I preach.

Once you start to accumulate wealth and once you get into the habit of making your money work for you instead of just frittering it away on non essentials, you can start to make money by using the money you save and investing it where it will generate income and capital growth.

It isn't easy but it is simple. People on higher incomes than you have nothing to show for their toils because they spend money on the wrong things, usually to try and impress other people. Most are mortgaged up to the hilt, so although they may own a big house and drive a big car, they are paying so much in interest they have little spare cash and a very low net worth.

Business is about profit, it has never been about making money. The bankruptcy courts see people pass through them everyday who didn't understand the difference. Your household income is a business like any other business. The higher the income and lower the overheads, the greater the profit.

Use that profit to invest in some of my best money making ideas.

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