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First of all you have to understand that people who accumulate wealth are better at making money than they are at spending it. They get a money making idea, they make money, they hang onto that money and they invest it in other business ventures that make more money. Really wealthy people tend to be extremely frugal.

If you are looking to accumulate wealth and money making ideas, you need to be on a sound financial footing. Take on my money saving ideas first and save between 15,000 and 18,000 per annum. You will need to do this if you are going to really succeed and build a substantial income. If you are already in the process of following my advice on saving money or at least plan on doing everything, then here are the first of my money making ideas that require no investment.

Money making idea number 1. Online boot sales. You've seen them on television; people who get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, pack their cars with all their old junk and then go and stand in the wind and rain for 5 hours to sell a couple of hundred pounds worth of crap. Then they pack most of it up and go home again, promising to repeat the process but secretly vowing never to do it again.

Now here is a simple but brilliant idea for you to make money without it costing you a penny or having to stand out in the rain. Your house, attic and garage are most likely full of junk that you don't need, want or use but someone would absolutely love to buy. This is a free advertising and money making idea that will turn your junk into cash. The whole system is automated and very simple to use and costs absolutely nothing. No petrol, no wear and tear on your car and you haven't got to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning. This is how it works and why it works so well.

Choose something you want to sell and advertise it on the site. In order to make the advert live, the system enables you to send a link to your advert to a minimum of five friends or family. Nobody can see it until you do this. You include a message telling your friends to also place a free advert for something they want to sell. 5 people minimum have now seen your advert. Your five friends repeat the process. 25 people will see your advert. Their friends do exactly the same thing. 125 people now see your advert. The process is repeated again - 625 people. And again 3,125. And again 15,625 and again 78,125 and again - 320,125 and again 1,603,725 by which time you could have sold the damn thing a thousand times over.

Certainly more people will have seen your advert than would have passed by your boot sale table and you didn't have to spend a penny. You can place as many free advertisements as you want and you can use the email addresses of the people who respond to your adverts to make the new adverts go live because you know these are people who are looking for bargains on the internet.

You can sell just about everything through this system. CD's, computer games, furniture, cars, anything you no longer want. If you run out of your own junk, offer to sell friends and neighbours junk for 30% commission. It costs you nothing, it is all pure profit. Some people earn 1,000 per annum, others are doing it as a serious business and earning 20-40,000 per annum just sitting in front of their computers.

The important thing is to persuade your friends and family to do the same thing and get them to persuade their friends etc to repeat the process and get the ball rolling. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen.

Money making idea number 2. Writing articles for the internet. All you need is access to a computer, a few ideas and the ability to write in an easy interesting manner. Your articles can be about anything that interests you and may be of interest to other people and your articles could still be earning you money 20 years from now.

This is a money making idea that builds up slowly and certainly, in itself, won't make your rich. However, depending on how much you write and what you write about, you could be receiving a regular residual income for many years to come. It is certainly an excellent way to subsidise a meagre income or pension.

All it takes is time on your part, there are no costs involved and if an article only earns you 100 per annum, that would be 2,000 spread over 20 years. And if you were to write an article a week, you would start to generate a fairly reasonable income.

Money making idea number 3 Selling stories and or photographs to magazines, newspapers and the media. This is more of a bookmark this site idea but one that could prove highly profitable should something occur. A story about or a photograph of someone famous can fetch many thousands of pound if you know who tell it to without getting ripped off.

Millions of people now have mobile phone cameras and you could be in the right time and the right place and just need the right people to negotiate with the newspapers to get the best possible price for a photo of someone famous. Alternatively, you may know something or have had contact with someone that could prove an interesting or profitable story.

Taking my money saving ideas and money making ideas together, you will soon be in what I would describe as a financially comfortable situation without having had to invest anything.

However, now you have money, the worst thing you can do is just let it slip through your fingers again, so here are some more money making ideas to make your money work for you.

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