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Two of the most important methods of marketing through the search engines are search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns. You can read a lot of poor and misleading advice, arguing both sides of the equation, so here are the basic facts. In our opinion, budgets allowing, you should opt for both services, monitoring the bottom line and making financial adjustments as required.


This is the only way that you can be guaranteed to be found by any search engine. You pay the relevant search engines someone clicks on your sponsored link. In order to be number one on the sponsored links, you simply need to out bid your competitors for any search term or keyword you choose. Generally easy to manage and set up, you have the flexibility to choose your search terms, the price you are willing to pay per click, your monthly budget and you can change or stop the whole campaign as and when you like.

Marketing through the search engines like this gives you flexibility and no sudden financial surprises. Drawbacks are; you will be paying every time one of your competitors click on your link, every time a time waster has a look at your site and you have to set up an individual campaign for each search engine you wish to obtain business through.

Whilst you may know your business inside out, you can come a cropper by not knowing which search engines can be the most profitable per click, as the busiest search engines, whilst delivering higher levels of traffic, may be more expensive and less productive. Furthermore, in order to manage your marketing campaign, you need to have a full comprehension of which search terms are likely return the most sales as opposed to the more popular and competitive key phrases, where you may be bidding high to win the traffic but only be getting information seekers.

A properly planned campaign, using your knowledge and experience about your market place and our knowledge and expertise about marketing through the search engines makes far more sense than the companies who waste millions on unproductive marketing campaigns. At the very least, all it will cost you is the price of a telephone call.


Marketing through the search engines using search engine optimisation can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with a pay per click campaign. The benefits can be enormous, as correct search engine optimisation can lead to your website being found in the organic results of all the major search engines for a wide variety of key search terms. No pay per click here and we don't charge for this type of marketing until your website is appearing in the top ten of Google for the search terms we agree. This is because search engine optimisation is not guaranteed, although, because we are a no win no fee company, we do not take a job on unless we are confident of obtaining the desired results.

This type of marketing does have its limitations. With pay per click, you can literally bid for thousands of search terms and keywords. With SEO, you are limited by the size of your website, so you have to be selective about your choice of keywords, although we have developed systems that over ride many of these problems. Additionally, you may have a website that, like so many websites which have been built by designers who don't understand the search engines, is impossible to optimise.


If you are still reading this and have yet to make contact with us, then we can look at other methods of marketing through the search engines. I said earlier, that unless you have a website that is huge, you cannot expect to optimise it for every possible search term. Nor can you expect it to be found by people looking for related products or services, unless we were to have total management control so that we could implement our own systems.

By this, I mean, developing your site into a hub site carrying data and information about related products. If, for example, you are a company selling carpets, an idea would be to carry data and access to businesses that are related to you like, estate agents, because people buying houses need new carpets. It is just a matter of using the Internet like people use the high street and some online advertising mediums provide this kind of service.

Some of the busier hub sites, like this one, get more traffic than some of the smaller search engines. It is therefore extremely profitable to advertise on these kinds of sites, especially if the Internet company has the ability to deliver mercurial content so that the link to your website is delivered to the top of the web page for a related search.

Internet advertising, can produce high financial returns if you know where and how to advertise your website. This is where an experienced media buyer or advertising consultant can be worth their weight in gold.

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