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Many website designers include keyword optimisation to increase traffic and improve sales as a service generally known as search engine optimisation. Few offer this service as more than marketing tips and in general, most website designers would admit to not fully understanding internet marketing or search engine optimisation as a whole.

In fact, most website designers could most likely do with a few internet marketing tips themselves as they struggle to make any impression on the search engines. Whilst they may believe that link popularity is the same as exchanging links with other websites, many website designers are unable to attain top ten Google rankings for their own websites, let alone provide any level of search engine optimisation or online marketing for their clients.

It is a sad indictment of the web design industry that there are many website designers who should not be performing any kind of design service where clients will be dependent on their websites providing an income through search engine traffic. The reality is, that whilst design incorporates the look and feel of a website, it is not how it looks that determines how it will perform and many website designers turn out perfectly good looking sites that are destined for the bottom of the search engines.

Whilst many designers will argue that it is not possible for all websites to get into the top ten of Google, and whilst this may be true, website owners who have paid good money for a website in the na´ve belief that they would make money, are left out of pocket and looking for solutions that should have been provided at out set.


Search engines tend to favour websites that are well established, are already getting high levels of traffic, have masses of deep content, have large numbers of inbound links and are hosted on fast servers that enable their robots easy access. Your choice of web hosting company can have a direct effect on how your website performs in the search engines.

If your website is sitting on a screwball server, you have a major problem that is easily solved. Failure to move your website and any other development or search engine optimisation will be wasted because the main problem has not been fixed. In order for a website to perform well in the search engines, it has to be firing on all cylinders.

As Google and most of the other major search engines favour well established websites that are already getting high traffic levels, carry thousands of web pages packed with unique content and have large numbers of inbound links, you have a catch 22 situation. You have to have high traffic levels to obtain high rankings and you have to have high rankings to obtain high traffic levels.

Most search engine optimisers will string their clients along, telling them that climbing the search engines takes years and extracting money on a regular basis until such time as they client runs out of patience or funds. Many take their monthly fee by doing nothing, because a website will often slowly climb the rankings on its own steam. So whilst it might not be appearing in the top 50, an organic result will appear to be taking place and improvements that you think are down to your search engine optimiser are simply natural improvements. Never, ever pay a search engine optimisation company in advance for any search engine optimisation services. The best search engine optimisers work on a no win no fee basis.

The best search engine optimisers in Europe make no up front charges and it is only when web pages are appearing in the top ten of Google for a minimum of 50% of the agreed search terms that their fee falls due. This often happens within days, sometimes within 72 hours and not the months and years that other search engine optimisers claim.

The best search engine optimisers on the internet will tell you exactly what to expect and what is a financially realistic proposition. They will not take on any task where the website has not been built for the search engines without first referring you to the best website designers on the internet because sadly, many websites are not built for the search engines. This is too big a subject to cover here but in short, many search engines carry pages and databases that the search engines cannot access and so do not know that the information exists. This is a job for a professional website design team to sort out.

If the search engine optimisation company is working on a no win no fee basis, they want the website to be built properly and hosted on the correct type of server before they start the job to give them the best chance of success. In this instance, success equals your website getting into the top ten of Google which is where you are going to see your internet traffic increase.

There are three other things that a good search engine optimisation company will almost certainly insist that you do to kick start your internet marketing.

Writing good advertising copy for the internet is not the same as writing advertising copy for a magazine or television.

You need to get high quality inbound links from highly visible and well visited web pages. This is the job for a networker who already has the contacts and permissions to be able to do this. This is an essential part of any search engine optimisation project and is not expensive.

Using a business to business newsletter to inform tens or hundreds of thousands of businesses about your website or product will drive traffic to your website. The search engines will pick up on this traffic and treat your website accordingly. Highly visited websites with huge traffic volumes always displace lesser visited websites.

Once you have your website sorted out and performing at its maximum, you are then ready to expand your marketing by using our other internet marketing tips.