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Making money in a recession, how to profit from the recession and not just try to survive because that is not the solution, this recession is throwing up serious money making opportunities

Whilst most people are running around like headless chickens wondering how to survive the world financial crisis a few of us are rubbing our hands with glee and making money from this recession. It's just a matter of reinventing yourself and spotting the business opportunities that have arisen and moving quickly to profit from the money making windows that are opening up for anyone smart enough, focused and capable of remaining calm during this crisis.

Over the next few pages I will provide you with links that will provide a number of ideas and business solutions to help you make money during the recession and not just try to survive it. If all you tray and do is prevent yourself from going under, you will weaken your position, you should be looking for new markets and new ways of finding clients because they are out there.


The question is; do I know what I am talking about? That is for you to decide but I was writing articles three years ago and publishing them on this website about a forthcoming property crash. I said that the banks would find themselves in trouble due to irresponsible lending long before it happened, and admittedly I was somewhat premature in my predictions and didn't realise how deep the problem really was. Once I grasped the complexities and the seriousness of the banking crisis I said that the $700 dollar bail out by the US would have little effect. And I even predicted the problem with the Icelandic banks and Government being unable to guarantee their deposits long before anyone else.

So am I some kind of Guru with a crystal ball? Nothing like that at all - I wish. Having spent fifteen years in the Financial services industry and lived through the property crash of the nineties and got my fingers burned; I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. I stopped investing in property three years ago because I could see that the market was unsustainable and rental incomes could not keep rising against the rising cost of properties. Simple maths really and whilst colleagues were buying up everything they could lay their hands on and banks just chucking money at them; I decided the time was ripe to get out.

I know buy to let landlords who eighteen months ago considered themselves to be multi-millionaires. I considered them to be technically bankrupt because of their highly geared borrowing and now most of them have had to hand back the keys to their properties and many are now potless. It had to happen, property prices could not continue to increase and not price themselves out of the market and why the banks and politicians didn't see all this coming still beats me.


Plain unadulterated stupidity on the part of everyone involved. Greed makes many people blind to the real facts and is continuing to do so. There is no way that our Governments just throwing money at the problem is going to solve this crisis. I said we were in a recession four months ago and didn't wait for it to happen.

How did I know about the Icelandic problem? I have an Icelandic friend who just happened to brag about how her small country had built up a fantastic economy by investing heavily in their infrastructure and borrowing heavily to do it. She thought this was brave and forward thinking, I thought it to be foolish and short sighted. As soon as things started to go wrong on a global scale I was certain that Iceland would be the first to fall victim. Nothing clever about predicting all this; just some inside knowledge, commonsense and years of experience.

Iceland will not be the last. We used to think that a bank guarantee was written in stone and don't think for one moment that our government's guarantees are going to be rock solid. We are heading for a major depression. The money being thrown at the banks may prevent most of them going down but some will tumble and many banks will take a major hit and use the money they have received to shore up their own positions. Many businesses are going to fail, unemployment will rise and the stock market will be no place to put your money until this whole thing starts to bottom out.

MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES Governments are going to be bankrupted before all this comes to an end because they have thrown money into a black hole that will need far more than money to sort the problem out. Recessions and depressions are simply painful ways of cutting out the weak and leaving the strong and intelligent standing and ready to make money. Most western economies, especially the USA, UK, Germany and Spain have been built on credit. No household can continue to function by continually borrowing money; it is an unsustainable habit that always ends in tears. An economy is exactly the same, you have to have a higher income than you spend in order to accumulate wealth. You may have a nice lifestyle all the time you can borrow money but it has to end at some point and that is exactly what has happened. We have a world economy with negative equity. The days of being able to borrow money have come to an end and that includes businesses and households. We are in a recession and heading for a depression.

Most people are now wringing their hands and wondering how they will survive this recession. A few intelligent and clear thinking people will be seeking out ways to make money because a depression or recession always provides excellent opportunities to make money.

So that sets the scene, so how do you make money in a recession?

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