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Making money online the easy way using expired domain names and building a website that gets high traffic levels to make serious money online.

Making Money from Expired Domain Names

We talked earlier about how you can use the revolutionary BANS software to build a profitable online store for earning money via the eBay affiliate scheme. One thing that will really help a new BANS site, or any other new affiliate website for making money on the internet, is if the domain name where you build your website already has a steady flow of visitors.

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You will still need to use SEO and PPC techniques to build on that traffic and increase it, but that initial base of existing visitors can really help to kickstart your new website.#

So, how do you get a domain name that already has traffic or visitors associated with it? The answer is that instead of buying brand new domain names that have not been registered before, you look for existing domain names that are about to expire and which are now longer wanted by their current owners. Often, these domains will have several hundred visitors per month already - so all you have to do is put your new website on one of these expired domains and right form day one it will have visitors. And the more visitors your site has, the more chance it has of making money right from the start.

Anyone interested in pursuing this online marketing strategy (and that ought to include you if you have taken the trouble to find this site) should definitely read Revenue Domains Exposed by Brian Johnson.

This is an e-book that really does provide some excellent useful information. Not only that, but when you buy the book, Brian also gives you access to a number of online video tutorials where he takes you through step-by-step the methods he uses to find expiring domains that have the potential to earn decent money.

And don't go thinking these expired domains are expensive to buy. If you follow Brian's advice, you can snap up great money-making domain names for around 20 to 30 each - that's about the same as it costs to buy a brand new domain name from a lot of domain name companies.

If you buy the right expired domain name and straight away put a BANS site on it, you could be making money within a few hours - and that's even before you have done any work to increase the existing levels of traffic to your domain.

Brian's book and access to the videos costs less than 50 which is nothing when you think what can be earned by buying a niche domain with existing targeted traffic left over from the previous owner's site and putting a BANS store on the domain to promote relevant eBay auctions to those highly focused visitors.

To find out more and to purchase this fantastic book, just click here.

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