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Making money on the internet by starting a new business and building a website that could be earning you money today.

The first thing you have to grasp is that there are no get rich schemes or guaranteed ways to make money. Only an idiot would believe this to be the case and they are the very people that the scammers and hoaxers are looking for; the people so desperate to make money they will believe anything they read.

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I really feel that I have to push this point home. If you are serious about making money on the internet you should avoid:
  • Books and subscription websites claiming to sell the secret of how to get rich - Has Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar or Lakshmi Mittal written a book about how to get rich? No and the reasons are simple. They are too busy making money to bother writing a book and if there was a secret to success, it can't be bottled or learned from a book. The people writing these books are small fry. They probably make more money selling their books than practicing what they preach. They write a load of crap that could be condensed into two sides of A4 paper and if they really were that good at making money, they would be out there making more money and not peddling paperbacks and ezines for a few shekels.

  • Multi-level marketing schemes - I have been approached by so many people to join MLM schemes it is laughable. They all claim to be making a fortune yet don't have the lifestyle to back it up. Twelve months later they have always joined the next best multi-level scheme. They always seem to get sucked in with the promise of easy money. These things fail because if they worked everyone in the world would have joined within a month. They never want to sell the products themselves, just recruit more people to do the selling for them and they all end up with garages full of stock. There is one MLM scheme I would recommend. It costs nothing to join, you don't have to buy any stock or hold parties. You can use it to sell your car, old furniture or all that MLM stock you have cluttering up your garage. It's just free advertising but come back to this page because I don't want you running off at a tangent.

  • Get Rich Schemes - Have you ever met anyone who got rich by making money from one of these schemes? I have, they are the scammers who set these money making schemes up. Everyone else loses money - there is no such thing as a get rich fast scheme that works.

You will also come across websites offering to set you up with your own website selling their products. These look tempting on the surface unless you understand how the internet works. For a small fee, they will provide you with your own website and post out any stock you sell through the site, so they look like a cheap way of setting up your own online business.

However, there are a number of drawbacks.
  • These websites never get any traffic from the search engines so you have to spend money advertising using pay per click advertising or other internet marketing techniques. This can be a black hole into which you pour money without any return.

  • Google and the other search engines don't like website that carry duplicate content and therefore don't list them. All these websites carry duplicate content so you will never get any natural traffic.

  • These companies make their money from you paying to have the website built and the few sales that come through thousands of identical sites.

  • No one ever made any real money working for and making another company rich.

  • Because all these types of website are selling the same stock, most of which is pretty poor quality and not competitively priced, and because your competitors are only two clicks away, no one but the source company makes any real money.

Now, having kicked all those shoddy little schemes into touch lets get down to the real business of how to make money on the internet. Over the next few pages I will cover:
  • What constitutes a good money making business idea

  • How to come up with a business idea to make money

  • How to set up an online business for peanuts

  • How to make money from your internet business

  • How to develop your internet business

  • How the internet really works

  • How the search engines work

  • How to find potential customers or rather how they find you

  • How to make it big on the internet and make serious money
Theoretically, you could start to day and be in business tomorrow but the realities are that it will take a little time and a lot of effort to get the ball running. I should also point out that all the multi-millionaires I mentioned above still work. They may take expensive holidays and delegate much of the tasks they used to do but they are still in control of their financial empires.

People who think they are going to come up with a money making idea and retire quickly on the proceeds are normally inherently lazy and therefore not prepared to pay the price in toil and sweat to become rich. It is why they have nothing and will always have nothing. Success always comes at a price and the price you have to pay is hard work.

So let's move on to start making money on the internet.

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