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Making money on the internet, how to earn money online by starting an internet company with your own business idea.

So we have covered the basics of what you should avoid if you are interested in making money from the internet; so let's crack on with how to earn money online by setting up your own website using you own business ideas. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas to start a business right now, you will have plenty by the time you have finished reading this section of our website.

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It is simply something that fulfils a need or desire. It can be a product or service that is affordable and competitively priced. It needs to have unique selling points that make it different to other similar products or services. Set up costs and overheads should be kept to an absolute minimum and if you have to carry stock, find a supplier that can supply you quickly so that your customers are never kept waiting and you can just hold a small level of stock at any given time.

Manage the business by the cash flow. Don't run up unnecessary bills, take on overheads or try to run before you can walk. An internet business can be run with a computer from a back bedroom, you don't need the expense of an office until you take on staff. Make yourself accessible by email and telephone to avoid having to telephone potential clients all the time. Avoid overdrafts and loans, a small internet business can be set up for next to nothing to see if there is a demand for your product or service. If your overheads are zero the most you can lose is nothing.


They say everyone has a book in them and the same applies to business ideas. Most people have business ideas and do nothing about them because they don't know how to go about setting up an internet business; believe they have to leave the security of their job to run the business, or are too lethargic to do anything about it. They then discover that someone else has come up with the idea a little later and missed the boat.

Once you come up with one idea, other business ideas that are related or can be used to develop the original idea will flow. You will have skills or knowledge that other people need, you will come across people who have a desire or need for something all the time. In life, you will come across situations where you are frustrated or prevented from doing something simple. Other people will have the same problems and there is therefore a requirement for a service or product.

A few ideas, (I can't possibly list them all) that I have come up with or my company have backed have been simple but proved very successful. I have provided links but don't go off at a tangent if you visit the sites, you need to stay on track.

France One Call - was my first internet business. Right time, right place; I discovered that holidaymakers were having to make scores of telephone calls to holiday home owners to try and rent a property. They had weeks available but not the right dates and I realised that other owners were getting the calls they needed to fill their vacant weeks. So I set up a centralised availability service, like directory enquiries and asked owners to forward holidaymakers they couldn't accommodate to France One Call so I could tell them who had a suitable property available. Owners were piggy backing off each others advertising, exchanging enquiries for weeks they had already let for calls for weeks they still had available. The owners paid me an annual fee and I was using there advertising to generate the enquires and so were they. A simple idea, low overheads and started with a ring binder. Now it is one of the most popular holiday websites on the internet.

Subdirect - We were approached by a young man who was a floorlayer who had an idea to put people in touch with building contractors. Subcontractors are self-employed and every day or hour they are not working is money lost. So we backed him with a website that made it easy for people who needed a plumber or electrician etc, to find a local tradesman that was available for work. Similar to France One Call - it just makes it easy for people who need a service to find tradesmen who need work on a particular day.

Kiss'n'Sell - This is an auction site where people who have a story or photograph to sell to the media can get the best price from the highest bidder. We were approached by a well know publicist who had the idea for the site and we partnered him by building the website and handling all the internet marketing and advertising. If people approach a newspaper direct with a story, they either provide too much information, allowing the newspaper to follow the story up themselves or they sell the story for less than its real value. A good story or photograph, if syndicated can earn hundreds of thousands of pounds. Kiss'n'Sell protects the seller.

La Feytaud Diet - Obesity is a growing problem in the UK, whilst the French are the slimmest nation in Europe despite the fact that eating is their religion. Governments are pouring millions into trying to educate people how to eat correctly and La Feytaud doesn't just help you lose weight, it can cut your monthly food bill in half. With so many people having weight problems, this was an obvious business to back and has become the most popular French diet.

I could go on but the point I am making is that there are a million opportunities to make money on the internet and you only have to look around you to see where there are needs and requirements that need filling.

Watch the news. What are governments worried about? What are people's concerns? Every problem needs a solution. If a market is struggling or in a downturn there will be business opportunities to make money. If property isn't selling, estate agents need clients. This applies to every market sector. Need drives solution based businesses.

I can tell you now that the best business idea will be your own. It should be something you understand, where you recognise there is a need for a solution. The more simple the idea, the more likely it is to succeed. It doesn't have to be a brainwave it just needs to have a market.

Please don't email us asking for advice or if your idea has a chance of success at this stage. It takes a huge amount of money to launch an internet business that is going to conquer the world. Concentrate on conquering your own backyard and seeing if your business idea will work at a local level first.

You can set your own internet business up for peanuts to see if there is a demand for your service or product on a local basis. This is the cheapest way to research your market place without losing your shirt. If it works on a local basis it will almost certainly work on a national or worldwide basis in which case you will almost certainly need an internet company as a partner to back the idea.

Over the next few pages I will be covering:
  • How to set up an online business for peanuts

  • How to make money from your internet business

  • How to develop your internet business

  • How the internet really works

  • How the search engines work

  • How to find potential customers or rather how they find you

  • How to make it big on the internet and make serious money
So read on if you are really serious about earning money from the internet.

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