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Making money online through affiliate marketing and building a high traffic niche website using online advertising to make money.

Building a Niche Store for the eBay Affiliate Programme

Making money on the internet through affiliate schemes requires more than just sticking a couple of affiliate banners on a poorly designed, low traffic website. If you are going to earn serious money online, you need to find a niche and offer a range of products that people actually want to buy.

Finding a niche for your affiliate marketing is very important, so let's talk about niches in a bit more detail before we go any further. When we talk about an online niche, we are talking about a highly focused and specialist product or service. For example, if I was looking for an example of a niche in the world of antiques and collectibles I wouldn't choose something like dolls because that is too broad a term. Instead, I might pick something a bit more obscure like Walt Disney figurines.

Hang on. Did he say "Walt Disney figurines"? That's a bit specific, isn't it?

Well, yes - it is pretty specialist, but that's the whole point. Even though it is a niche area of interest, you'd probably be surprised at how many people there are out there who spend time (and more importantly for us, money) collecting figurines of Walt Disney cartoon characters.

But here's the really important bit. If you type - Walt Disney figurines - into Google, there are only 655,000 in the results. That may sound like quite a lot but, trust me, it isn't. By contrast, type - old dolls - into Google and you will get over 2.4 million pages returned.

So, there you have the point of a niche. It is an area where there is a significant amount of online interest and demand, but where there are not very many existing websites catering for that demand.

There are hundreds of these niches and one of the best ways to draw up a shortlist of them is to go to eBay and click the Categories button to see the full list of all eBay's categories and subcategories. Drill down into these and you will discover a whole range of weird and wonderful niches.

Ideally, you should try to find a niche that you already know something about. Although this is not essential, it will save you a bit of time and effort as and when you need to start writing any content about your chosen niche subject.

Having found your niche, how do you start trying to make some money from it? After all, finding an affiliate scheme that lets you promote Walt Disney figurines, or rug-making patterns, or toy soldiers could prove tricky. I doubt you'd find suitable affiliate programmes on any of the mainstream affiliate networks.

Once again, the answer is eBay. Can you see a pattern forming here?

The wonderful thing about eBay is that you can buy pretty much anything through their online auctions, no matter how specialised it may be. The even more wonderful thing about eBay is that they have a simple to use affiliate scheme that pays generous commissions.

I've tried various methods for tapping into the eBay affiliate scheme and for also for finding niche products to promote all of which turned out to be time-consuming and which didn't yield particularly great results in terms of earnings.

But then I came across a fantastic piece of software called BANS, which stands for Build a Niche Store.

BANS is an automated website building tool that lets you quickly and easily create money-making niche websites that harness the true potential of the eBay affiliate programme.

By using BANS, you can create online shops which showcase those products which are available on eBay in your chosen niche. These products appear on your website automatically and are constantly updated.

Because these sites are so easy to create (the last one I did took me half an hour and that included time spent customising some of the pages), there is nothing to stop you creating a whole range of BANS sites, each one focusing on a different niche. Remember, you do not need to have any knowledge of website design or programming in order to create these money-making affiliate websites.

To find out more about BANS and how you can use it to earn money online as an eBay affiliate, please click here to visit the BANS website where you can read reviews, check the FAQ and buy the software.

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