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The fundamental basics for any business to be profitable are that incoming revenue has to be higher than the total overheads. In order to make more profit you need to increase sales whilst maintaining or lowering your overheads. All pretty basic stuff but not necessarily easily achieved. Internet advertising is a way to improve business, increase clients, generate sales enquiries and qualified leads to close more sales but this requires investment.

The internet is a medium where some companies are making a fortune and others are wallowing in depths of despair and wondering just how their competition are able to trample all over them. Get you internet advertising and marketing wrong and any profit margins can disappear almost overnight.

A new website is uploaded to the internet every 4 seconds, and the world wide web is growing at the rate of 8 pages a second. Survival on the internet is therefore a major task, success is close to being a miracle. Yet the owners of these new websites believe that they are going to make their fortune simply by owning a website.

You are under pressure to make your business more profitable and the internet is an extremely effective and efficient way of generating more sales whilst keeping your overheads down if you know what you are doing. If you don't understand the search engines, you need to ensure that you are in safe hands and taking the right advice.


The most expensive form of advertising is the type that doesn't generate a profit. It doesn't matter what form it takes, if it doesn't generate any sales enquiries, sales aren't forthcoming and you have lost money. It is therefore imperative that nay decision made about advertising, from the wording down to the medium is absolutely spot on.

So, when it comes to internet advertising, which is an area that most business people have little or no experience, how do you know you are in safe hands?

Try this simple test. Go to Google and type in the following search phrases;
  • Best internet company (Google has more than 300 million pages indexed)

  • Internet business advice (more than 130 million pages indexed)

  • Best website designers (350 million pages indexed)

  • Succeed on the internet (11 million pages indexed)

  • Search engine optimisers (69 million pages indexed)

  • Internet success (263 million)
You should find whereonearthgroup in top spot or very near the top out of, in most cases, hundreds of millions of pages, proving that we know what we are doing when it comes to the internet.

So if you are thinking of doing any form of internet advertising or marketing and want it to be profitable, please feel free to contact us.


The better the sales closure ratio to leads received the more profit you make. The more time your sales people spend talking to time wasters, information gatherers and window shoppers, the less profitable their activity becomes.

One of our internet marketing services is generating high quality, qualified sales leads for any purpose. However, the links provided below will take you to a whole range of services designed to help our clients increase sales and or reduce their business overheads.

Just about everything you need to generate more enquiries and increase your profitability can be found through our specialist companies.

Qualified sales leads

Increasing traffic to your website

Best Website Designers

Linking strategies

Business to Business emailing

Internet advertising

Internet marketing

Magazine advertising

Newspaper advertising

Television advertising

New product launch

Reducing business overheads

Asset Finance

Business consulting

Business Angels

Internet business advice

Best Internet Company

Internet partners

Increasing sales enquiries through good quality qualified leads so that you sales personnel spend more time closing sales rather than looking for potential customers or dealing with poor quality sales prospects is a sure fire way of increasing profits.

Getting web pages found through the search engines by people looking to buy your product or employ your services, is one of our specialities. Getting you found by potential clients who did not know you existed or didn't know your product or service was available is another. However, the internet, despite all the hype will not generate sales if there isn't a demand. To create demand, you need to use other forms of marketing and the above links will show you how.

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