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How to make money from a website and build an internet business using search engine traffic, SEO, pay per click and other online marketing tools

For over a decade, since having launched his first website on the web, Paul has been making money on the internet and whilst he invests in other offline businesses, he sees the internet as the best medium to be able to quickly turn a business idea into a profit-making company. Recognised as one of the best search engine optimisers working on the internet, with a wide range of successful internet businesses under his belt, he is one of a select handful of entrepreneurs who really makes money from the genuine business opportunities the internet has to offer.

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He says "David and I were reluctant to get involved in writing The Golden Web for a number of reasons. First of all there are thousands of books written by people who it is obvious don't make a fortune from the internet but have seen that selling e-books on how to make money on the internet is just another way of turning a buck. We were reticent about getting tarred with the same brush because I have yet to read any of these books that actually tell you anything of value.

"Secondly, just telling people how to make money doesn't mean they will actually be successful; it still takes an enormous amount of hard work, business acumen and commitment and, frankly, most people are not prepared to put the effort required into making money.

"Finally, time was an important factor. Earning a few million from this book wasn't the motivating factor; our time can be better invested elsewhere. However, on the proviso that we gave no hard-earned and priceless technical secrets away, that are of no use to anyone but our competitors; and on the basis that we could use this book to hopefully generate additional income through our many business interests and perhaps find new internet businesses that were looking for backing; and because every other book I have read was little more than a scam selling some MLM scheme, we agreed to write it.

"The book is designed to show and explain how the internet can be used to make money. How much money will depend on the individual - there are no guarantees in business except the guarantees you make to yourself. Hopefully, entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed on the internet will find The Golden Web invaluable."

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The Golden Web - The Internet Entrepreneur's Definitive Guide to Making Money Online

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How to make money from a website and build an internet business using search engine traffic, SEO, pay per click and other online marketing tools

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