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How to make money from search engine traffic and how to build a successful internet company by understanding how the internet and search engines really work

The following power struggle resulted in him leaving the company and moving to France in 1993 where once again he had to reinvent himself and find other ways to make money.

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Paul has a sales and marketing background having held senior managerial and directorships in Financial Services, Internet companies and Publishing both as editor and publisher of a number of publications, including travel magazines and holiday brochures with Eurotunnel, Buzz airlines, P&O Ferries and Condor Ferries. He seems to have a profound knowledge of just about every business sector, be able to discuss business on virtually any subject at any level and instantly spot business opportunities or ways of improving a business in seconds. Current business interests include: estate agencies, travel and holiday Internet companies, search engines, property development, retail outlets, internet advertising and marketing across a number of mediums, website development, business consultancy, insurance, publishing, property, investments, finance and a number of other Internet businesses too numerous to mention.

He would describe himself as a non-technical techie and openly admits that he leaves the clever technical stuff to his better qualified and experienced partners, of whom he says that he bows his head in deference to their superior knowledge and expertise. However, his knowledge of the search engines and how to exploit them for profit is unsurpassed, resulting in the successful launch of hundreds of Internet sites and related businesses. His logical and business like approach to search engine optimisation is the key to the success of any internet based business.

To describe Paul as being able to multitask would be an understatement. He has twice the energy of men half his age, provides a continual flow of unique and innovative business ideas, a keen eye to exploit markets and potential business opportunities as economic climates change and seems to have a handle on everything that is happening within the company at any given time. Keeping up with the new ideas and business launches keeps everyone on their toes but he is an essential element in every business we get involved in.

As if that wasn't enough, he also works as a newspaper publicist having worked in publishing as a Publisher, Editor, Journalist, Media Consultant and Newspaper Publicist for fifteen years. Highly published, his forthright, investigative, journalistic style has been read throughout Europe covering many political controversies and scandals. Although he continues to write numerous articles, Paul moved over to become a Newspaper Publicist when he helped form The Big Story - the company that owns Kiss n Sell, the newspaper auction site.

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How to make money from search engine traffic and how to build a successful internet company by understanding how the internet and search engines really work

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