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There is only one way to lose weight fast and keep it off and that is change your lifestyle. There are plenty of fad diets out there that can help you lose weight but the only way to burn fat is to exercise and eat a well balanced diet. A good health diet such as the one recommended by La Feytaud can help reduce facial wrinkles avoiding the need for plastic surgery, can be used whilst pregnant and is also known as the sex diet because it increases your sexual libido.

The alternative is to try sucking peas through a straw or eating cabbage soup for a month. The first is impossible which is why it is so effective the other is down right unpleasant for both you and anyone with a 5 metre radius.

La Feytaud is a diet and lifestyle plan that you can follow for the rest of your life. It combines all the nutrients, vitamins and acids you need to eat a healthy well balanced meal three times a day, combined with sensible light exercise and if followed fully, will help you burn fat and lose weight fast safely without any side effects, tiredness or nausea.

The natural ingredients found in La Feytaud diet can be purchased in any decent supermarket, will help your general health and make you feel fitter and younger than you have done in years.

Everything in La Feytaud is natural, there are no pills, expensive protein powders or ridiculous multigrain oat bars that taste like something that was swept up off the stable floor.

Anyone can do the exercises. You don't have to buy a bike, go to the gym or purchase any special exercise equipment. You can even do some of the exercises watching your favourite television programme.

La Feytaud is also likely to cut your monthly food bill in half making the annual subscription of 11.75 the best investment in your health that you could make. We are not selling anything except a healthy lifestyle combined with a delicious diet.

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