Competitive website design company in London with regional design offices throughout the UK. Competitive quotes, professional service, providing the answers to questions you didn't know to ask.

Website design is not just about the way a website looks and navigates. The big successful websites are built by professional website designers who understand the search engines.

Before you make a decision about which London website design company to choose to develop or revamp your website, it is important that you know a few facts about what makes for good website design. Then armed with this information, if you are talking to other website designers, you need to ask these questions.

We can't do this for you, but you will be able to ascertain if the website designer knows what they are talking about or is just using bullshit to baffle brains.


  • Can you design a website that will get top ten rankings on Google for the search terms I want?
    If the web designer starts to waffle, when all you need is a straight yes or no, find another designer. If he or she says yes…

  • What procedures do you use to get a website into the top ten of Google?
    The designer should explain about the importance of content, setting the site live with hundreds of inbound links, stacking and clustering the web pages in the right order, and explain what this means in clear understandable language. He or she, should also mention key words and Meta Tags, but if they put emphasis on these two subjects and just bang away about how important they are, they clearly do not understand website optimisation.

  • Can you give me some example searches, where websites you have built are in the top ten of Google?
    If the designer provides search terms that no one is likely to use, because every website can be top of Google for a really obscure search, don't be fooled. You should also look at how many pages Google has indexed for any particular search. Short two or three word search terms where Google has more than ten million pages indexed are good. Over 100 million is impressive.

  • How do you ensure that the search engines will know about the new website?
    If the designer says they submit your website to the search engines, he or she will be delaying your website being indexed for months. No self-respecting website designer does this, as there are far faster methods. If he or she also says that they will resubmit your website every month, then you are dealing with a real fruit cake.

  • Where will the new website be hosted? You must determine where the website designer plans to host your website.
    If he or she is using cheap hosting in the USA and your market place is the UK and someone selects to search for pages from the UK, guess what happens. Absolutely! Only web pages hosted in the UK are displayed. You would think this was common sense but you would be amazed at how many UK website designers are using servers based in the USA.

  • How many websites will be linked to the new website when it goes live?
    Professional website designers will have the resources to link hundreds of websites into your new website from day one. If a website designer answers none to your question, then how can you expect to get ranked at all or get any initial traffic?

Obviously, we would expect you to ask the basic questions like costs, delivery times and after sales service, but the questions we have provided are actually more important, because they will determine if the web designer is actually capable of designing a website that will return you an income. So what do we do that is so different to other website designers and what makes our web design service unique.

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