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London Olympics 2012, will you be making money from the Olympic games being held in London in 2012? Or are you going to let the whole thing pass over your head and miss out on this money making opportunity?

Recent surveys about who is going to benefit from the London Olympics showed that most people do not believe they will benefit financially - a short sighted and blinkered view if you are a UK business. If you are a UK business, the internet will provide you with every opportunity to make money from the London games between now and some time after the Olympics end.


An estimated half a million people will visit the UK before, during and after the Olympic games and whilst many will be centred in and around London, a high percentage are likely to arrive either early or stay on to turn their trip into a real tourist holiday. More importantly, an estimated three billion Olympic games related searches will be made through the search engines and this is where you stand every chance of making a lot of money.

You may not have had the chance to be an official supplier of goods to the Olympics but there is nothing to stop you from selling your goods and services to anyone visiting the UK or finding your website or internet advertising through the search engines. Plus, there is a lot more money to be made from the three billion people who will be following the events online. Anyone and everyone who is a potential customer and using the internet to source information about the Olympics could be a source of income to you if you get your head around how the search engines actually work.

Furthermore, companies that are contracted to supply the Olympics may be interested in your products and businesses that are in London and looking to benefit directly from visitors may also be potential clients.

So how do you use the internet to profit from all this potential business without breaking the bank and risking your shirt? There is a cheap way of making money from the Olympics as I will explain.

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