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London Olympics 2012 making money for your business through passing trade using the internet and search engines to source products.

Whilst it is true that the big money to be made from the Olympics will go to the companies who have been awarded contracts or are official suppliers to the London Olympics; businesses that have products or services that would be of interest to a global audience can make real money through inexpensive internet marketing.

Start of article about how to make money from the London Olympics.

There are going to be two types of people doing searches related to the 2012 Olympics. Those that are visiting the UK and therefore looking for accommodation, tickets, tourist information, restaurants, theatre and entertainment; and those looking for general information about the building progress, events, results and news. Anyone with a website that is interested in obtaining business from these surfers needs to get organised now.


If you are a hotel, guest house, London restaurant or tourist attraction, you have an obvious product to sell but there are buyers for just about everything if you can create the awareness and achieving this goal can be either simple or complex depending on how you go about it.

The simplest way is to build web pages on Utopele and optimise them for search terms related to the Olympics. If you are a guest house, hotel or some other form of accommodation, you can include keywords like near London or close to Olympics etc. You have total control over the content and you can either build a complete website or link the pages you build into your existing website.

It is important to understand that you will get more traffic by building web pages on Utopele than building them on your own site because Google in particular likes large websites and your own website is likely to get lost amongst the millions of other web pages indexed for the London Olympics. The huge increase in traffic to your site is likely to generate considerable extra revenue.

But what do you do if you are not close to London nor have an obvious business or service related to the Olympics?


Most websites are not built for the search engines and those that fail to attract visitors who weren't specifically looking for them. The fact is, the internet can be used like any high street and it is possible to position your website theoretically next to large websites (shops) that get a lot of footfall.

Supposing your shop was positioned between Marks and Spencer and BHS on a high street. The people visiting these shops would walk past your shop and in theory, many would walk in and buy from you. However, owning a shop in this high street position would obviously come at a premium.

There are going to be an estimated 3 billion searches made through the search engines related to the London Olympic games between now and 2012. By building web pages on Utopele and optimising them for Olympic related searches, many of these three billion searches could end up visiting your web pages and making impulse buys.

As this form of online marketing is only going to cost you a couple of hundred pounds per annum and attract more traffic than if you tried to do this to your own site, I believe it is well worth the small investment.

So how do you get these people to find you if they are looking for the 2012 London Olympics.

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