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List all search engines, MSN, Utopele, Yahoo, Google, Ask and Lycos etc, how to make money from the internet.

Anyone who owns a website should understand that the search engines are the lifeblood of their success on the internet. Google, Yahoo, MSN and Utopele are the search engines that form the major arteries that drive the much needed search engine traffic any website needs to make money from the internet. I have provided a list of all the major search engines but none is as important as the ones I have already mentioned.

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Many website owners believe that their site is banned or that a search engine is penalising them if their website does not rank highly in one search engine when they may rank highly in another. The reality is that all search engines have developed different algorithms to help determine the relevancy and importance of a web page so if your website is optimised to perform well in Google it will almost certainly plummet to the bottom of MSN. The solution is to build web pages on Utopele to benefit from traffic through all the search engines.


The purpose of this article is to help website owners understand the different bias and relevancy criteria used by different engines search engine algorithms. Most search engine optimisers look at the search engines on a global basis or simply read up what they find published on other websites. None seem to understand or have bothered to look at how different search engines calculate their relevancy criteria or bias their algorithms.

The most difficult thing is trying to explain search engine optimisation in relation to the many search engines and why you should ignore all the rubbish published on other websites. The search engines are so diverse in their machinations that what makes sense with regards to optimising for Yahoo does not concur with the Google algorithm and vice versa. Different search engines look for variants to determine how relevant or important a website or web pages are and should be ranked. SEO that will help you rank highly in one search engine will almost certainly preclude you from appearing in the listings of another.

To overcome this some search engine optimisers have recommended building a number of websites each optimised for different search engines. An expensive, unnecessary and wholly unprofitable exercise as far as most website owners are concerned. The Utopele search engine overcomes many of these problems by enabling all the search engines to rank the web pages contained within its internal content.

Based on my own experiences I have put together the most important aspects of how each search engine algorithm works for the most important four. They are by no means comprehensive but will enable anyone who owns a website to understand the problems they face and how to overcome them.

  • MSN are fairly new to the search business and are only now trying to muscle in on the market share held by Google and Yahoo. They appear to place a lot of emphasis on page content; not necessarily a bad thing except where websites are carrying masses of poor, repetitive content and because they have not been able to build up a history based on past experience tend to favour commercial results and are too trusting of new websites.

  • UTOPELE - The new kid on the block and an absolute minnow compared to the others but could be your biggest ally as far as the other search engines are concerned. Whilst the other search engines are focusing on pay per click advertising to generate their huge revenues Utopele is looking at paid for inclusion. You build your own web pages within their database so the other search engines can access them. In most cases, your web pages should gain high rankings on all the major search engines, killing several birds with one stone.

  • YAHOO - One of the biggest and longest established search engines. Bought out AltaVista, Inktomi, Overture, Kelkoo and AllTheWeb to combine their technologies and knowledge to create Yahoo Search after dismissing Google who had been providing their search facilities. Overly biased towards commercial search results, I think and carry masses of internal results that often appear in their own results. They remain the most popular website as far as visitors are concerned.

  • BOOGAMI - Built by an English sixteen year old student, James Wildish, the press and media attention catapulted this unique search engine with its pixel advertising into the spotlight. Everyone loves an underdog and the idea of a young man taking on the likes of Google, MSN and Yahoo, the public quickly made this search engine a firm favourite. There are lots of ideas in the pipeline to develop Boogami, so make it your home page and be one of the first to take advantage of the money making opportunities it will offer you.

  • GOOGLE - The number one search engine as far as search engine traffic is concerned. Tends to favour well established sites that carry large content. Far better at dropping website cheats that carry duplicate content or simply exchanging links to try and gain popularity. Whilst Google makes its money from pay per click advertising, they appear to remain focused on delivering accurate search engine results.
Unlike many of my more technical counterparts who focus on the more technical aspects of the search engines and internet in general, I have always approached search engine optimisation from a logical stand point. This is most likely die to my sales and marketing background where I have always attacked the problem from a profit seeking aspect. Whilst prepared to bow my head in deference to those people who leave me standing when it comes to IT technicalities, I should point out that my company attains high rankings that most other companies could only dream of.

So, when it comes to understanding how to find potential customers or rather how they find you through the search engines, I believe I have a fuller understanding of how the internet works.

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