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If you are retaining fat in certain areas like the stomach or waist despite all your efforts to diet and shed those excess pounds, liposuction should be the last thing you should consider. If you have fat that is hanging around or failing to budge around your stomach there are a number of reasons and a number of solutions before you take really drastic action and have it all sucked out through a straw. Oooooh.. that's going to hurt!

First of all, I bet you've been dieting like mad and doing sit ups and pull ups to try and shift the weight around your waist. Who is the idiot who told you that sit up and pull ups would burn this fat away?

Underneath that layer of flab you most likely have a six pack of abdominal muscles. Your stomach most probably feels like iron under the flab but you cannot see it. You are doing the wrong exercises and most probably following the wrong diet which is why the fat won't shift.

First of all, exercising one part of the body does not mean you will lose fat in that area. Fat does not turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat. You simply lose one and replace it with the other. You have to burn calories for the fat to disappear and build muscle up to regain body shape. Doing any kind of repetition exercise like sit ups or pull ups does not burn very many calories or fat so you could do sit ups everyday for the rest of your life and never shift that fat and that would most likely damage your spine.

To burn calories and lose fat you have to do cardiovascular exercises. This can include walking, jogging, running, swimming, high intensity sexual activity (certainly my favourite) or any activity that gets the heart and lungs pumping. (See your doctor before attempting any running etc if you are unfit). This does not mean that you should stop any rep or gym work, simply switch your focus to exercises that burn calories.

Next have a look at your diet. Most diets, if you stick to them will help you lose weight but you will lose fat off the parts of the body where it will find it easiest to drop the fat. Your face, legs, arms and bum if you are a man; your face, arms and bust if you are a woman. Both men and women tend to retain fat around their waists, women can also retain fat on their bum and thighs. Exercising these parts of the body will build muscle but it won't shift the weight off these areas. Trust me - I'm not a doctor.

There are a number of reasons why the weight is hanging around certain parts of your body and it has to do with your organs and your diet. La Feytaud has a number of natural food ingredients that help your cardiovascular system and liver to clean the toxins from your body and promote healthy organ activity. If you liver is not functioning properly you will retain weight.

Your body is like a car. Everything has to be working properly to ensure optimum performance. If you heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and liver are all functioning correctly and you are taking regular cardiovascular exercise, the weight will fall off the more difficult areas once you have lost weight elsewhere on your body.

You need to be eating the right type of food a well balanced diet that contains the right nutritional ingredients, vitamins and acids to ensure your internal organs can all do the job they are supposed to.

Simply eating less or going on a diet that insists you buy milkshakes, protein powders, cereal bars and other crap will help you lose weight but your body will have protective mechanisms that kick in and say "bloody hell this isn't good, better hang onto some of this fat or I'll pack in altogether". The result is you look gaunt, not healthy, parts of your body are thin and you end up looking like a potato man with sticky out arms and legs.

You cannot beat a healthy diet and lifestyle. Your body needs food, it needs the right type of food in the right quantities, it needs nutrients, vitamins and acids that can only be found in fresh vegetables and fruit. Deprive your body of anything it needs and it will fight back and retain as much fat as it can.

La Feytaud can show you how to lose the weight that other diets fail miserably to achieve. It will show you how to eat sensibly, how to eat well, how to lose that difficult weight and cut your weekly food bills.

Follow the diet and lifestyle and it will save you the horrendous pain and cost of having liposuction.

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