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Your website designer may have mentioned link popularity in the past and in the same breath as talking about reciprocal links. They are far from the same thing. Most website designers don't know diddly-squat about building links, using keywords or search engine optimisation. In fact, experience tells us that most website designers don't know how to build a website for the search engines.

Given the fact that most underperforming websites are hosted on the wrong servers and web hosting is the starting point for the success of any website, it is little wonder that most website owners are disappointed with the overall performance of their site.

If you are looking at ways to improve your link popularity, as explained earlier, reciprocal links is not the way to do it. In fact reciprocal linking is the last stage of any search engine optimisation project.

Website owners often approach us with the task of increasing traffic to their website after prolonged and frustrating periods of waiting for their own website designer to produce the goods. The client has normally gleaned a little knowledge either by reading up on the subject on other websites or through discussions with their own website designer which leaves us in no doubt that neither actually understands what is really required.

Diagnosis of the website in question normally displays symptoms bordering on malpractice to negligence to total ignorance on behalf of the original design team. I never fail to be amazed by the obvious blunders and lack of basic knowledge that is displayed. However, often the fault has to be laid at the feet of the owner of the website for making stupid business decisions based on costs rather than future profits.

This is not to say that someone ordering a website has to understand everything about website design and search engine optimisation but it does require a certain amount of commonsense and this was often severely lacking when business decisions where made.

If you have a website and the search engines have several million websites indexed that do the same type of thing as you, it stands to reason that your competition is going to be fairly stiff. So why go to a friend or relative or someone you know that builds websites from their back bedroom for your website design. Surely commonsense must tell you that it is not that simple a task to build a website that is going to be found in the top ten of Google when you are competing against millions of other websites.

The decision to have a website built by a friend or relative is almost always based on cost and it always ends up costing you more to have the problems put right and fortunes in lost revenue.

Invariably, these websites rather than gaining link popularity end up being most unpopular, especially with their owners.

In order to gain link popularity, you first must have a website that performs well in the search engines and then and only then will other websites want to link to you. In order to get a website that out performs the competition you need;

  • Your website to be hosted on the correct type of server

  • Your website to be correctly optimised for the search engines

  • Your website turned into a highly visited hub site

  • It will have to carry unique content that other website will want to link to

  • The search engines must be able access your content or database (most websites don't allow this)

  • You will have to have continuous increasing traffic levels

We can help with all of the above and the following;

Building up you link popularity would normally be time consuming and expensive but our Omni-links programme has automated this to a point where we can link hundreds of links to your website within 48 hours.

However, it is only one service that we provide and there are numerous ways that traffic to your website can be improved through various marketing tips.