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Advice and information about leaking roofs best way of dealing with roofs in an economic and efficient way.

Leaking roofs can be economically dealt with in an efficient cost effective manner using our roof insulation foam. Our roofing contractors repair your roof, then make it water tight and weather proof using our specialist insulation foam.


  • Stops leaking roofs because of the unique system which bonds and spray seals the roof together water ingress is impossible avoiding unnecessary damage whilst allowing timbers to breathe

  • Stops slipping tiles and slates - Eliminates the need for future external roofing maintenance and damage caused in gales or heavy snow.

  • Eliminates Freezing plumbing with the increase in insulation burst pipes and frozen water tanks are eliminated.

  • Nail fatigue and under-pointing failure - A thing of the past due to the structural bonding of the roof tiles/slates.

  • No disruption or mess - Ensures continuity of a normal day to the customer.

  • Preserves appearance - Retains exterior character of the property.

  • Stops wind, rain or snow ingress - No more unexpected troubles.

  • Strengthens existing roof structure - Increases resistance to abnormal wind speeds.

  • Cost less than a new roof - No extensive building work necessary.

  • Insulates and stops excessive fuel bills - making it more cost effective for the customer and has a positive effect on the environment. A warm roof in the winter, yet cool in the summer.

  • Family run business Vast experience in the home renovation and improvement industry.