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If you are considering investing in property, especially for the first time, it is important that you read this article before diving in. All the advice is free and is designed to prevent you from making expensive mistakes and show you how property investment, if done correctly can prove highly profitable. Property investment is not the guaranteed way to make money as some websites and investment clubs will have you believe. You have to buy at the right price, you have to buy in the right place and you have to know what to buy.

Over the next few pages, I will explain the pitfalls to avoid, what you should be looking for in a property, where the best investment opportunities are to be found, why you shouldn't invest in some places, which countries and places are likely to provide the best returns, when to buy and how to build a property portfolio with little risk.

We know where to buy, what to buy, what not to buy and can save you money and help you avoid the mistakes that so many aspiring property investors make to their financial detriment.


There are hundreds of property investment clubs who charge you a fee to join on the basis that they can help you buy investment property at a discount. They also get paid commission by the developer when they sell a property. First lesson to learn is that no property developer ever sells property at a discount and anyone who believes they do is a fool. No property developer is going to sell any property for less than its market value unless they have serious cash flow problems; which could mean you buying into a problem, especially if you are buying off plan.

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Thousands of aspiring buy to let property investors have got their fingers burned by listening to this type of advice. They purchased property at what they believed were discounted rates and now find themselves sitting on properties which are worth far less than they paid for them. I cannot emphasis this enough. Property is never sold at lower than the going market rate unless you negotiate a price that you know with full certainty is less than its true market value. The only way you can be certain of this is to do your research or talk to property finders who know the market.

These property investment clubs are simply estate agents and are there to sell property and disguise themselves as organisations acting in the buyers interest, which they are not. This is not a property investment club, there is no joining fee, our property finder service is free to use as we get paid per enquiry whether you buy or not. However, we would politely request that, unless you are genuinely serious about finding investment property, you do not complete our property finder form. We have a responsibility to ensure that we only provide genuine enquiries and don't waste the time of the property developers who use our service.

Please continue to read this article on property investment.

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