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Internet marketing starts with professional website design and search engine optimisation because if your website lets you down, any other internet advertising designed to drive more traffic to your website is going to falter at the last hurdle. Getting your marketing message right and backing it with experienced and well trained telesales staff who can follow up the leads generated is essential.

The United Kingdom is said to have the internet's highest share of the Internet marketing market as a percentage of total marketing expenditure and most of these marketing budgets are wasted on ineffective advertising strategies. If you want your internet marketing to generate more sales, client enquiries, sales leads and appointments, contact us.

Ask ten so called internet marketing experts exactly what is meant by internet marketing and you are likely to get ten very different answers. It is one of those grey areas where there appears to be no clear definitions or explanations, just a wide range of internet companies more than willing to help you spend your money.

Internet marketing can include:
  • B2B emailing - highly profitable if handled correctly

  • Corporate image website design - you have to capture the clients interest instantaneously

  • Search engine optimisation - despite all the wild claims, few companies really understand what is required

  • Hosting - pick the wrong ISP and your website is doomed to the bottom of the search engines

  • Advertising on high profile websites

  • Sales lead generation
And a host of other methods designed to generate targeted traffic. If you want to increase sales, the links below will provide an enormous amount of information and advice. However, the best business decision you could make right now is talk to us.

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The Where On Earth group is a partnership of companies who are at the top of their own specialist fields and who can help you increase sales. No client is the same, every company has different requirements and budgets and every project requires different elements provided by the different companies within the Group.

Employing us to advise you on your internet marketing and other forms of advertising means you are dealing with a range of companies, anyone of whom will have a solution within their chosen field of expertise.

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