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The Internet is a marketing medium providing access to the world. Few businesses profit from the Internet as most waste money on poor website design.

In theory, the internet provides businesses with access to a world wide audience. The reality is that most businesses invest in poorly designed websites that get very little traffic.

Whilst the Internet should remain unfettered as an information source, business users should be guarded as far as investing in internet design where they are expecting to generate internet traffic and profit from the millions of people who use the web.

Anyone can buy a programme and with a little practice, design and build themselves a website. Having built one website, many of these budding designers decide to set themselves up as internet designers. However, there is a world of difference between a website and an internet site.

Quite simply, an internet site is built for the internet so that the search engines can index it and a website is built so that people can be directed to it. An internet site gets search engine traffic and a website depends on the owner advertising the site to get any traffic. Very few website designers know how to build an internet site.

There are four categories of companies that succeed on the Internet
  • Internet companies like Ebay and Amazon who have the financial resources to invest in marketing and advertising

  • Internet companies who capture the imagination of the online populous like Google

  • Internet companies that offer something unique that cannot easily be copied by competitors

  • Internet companies who are able to invest in internet site design to capture the masses of search engine traffic
If you opt for a website design as opposed to an internet site design, unless you have the financial backing to invest heavily in television or other advertising mediums, your internet business will most likely fail.

So what is the difference between a website and an internet site?

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