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What constitutes a best website and why do some websites become internet success stories whilst others are condemned to the bottom of the search engines?

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These are questions that confound even the best business brains with their complexities as opinions obviously vary. However, certain aspects are unquestionable and play a major role in every internet success story.

Every so often a new website catches the imagination of the public. These are normally websites that are based on a unique concept and are often followed by numerous clones built by opportunists hoping to cash in on the idea. Thankfully, most of these cloned sites fail miserably for a number of reasons, usually because the copycats didn't have the brains to come up with the original idea and don't have the wherewithal to make their own site a success.

If a new website does become popular quickly, word of mouth spreads fast and allows the new site to become established as a market leader; whilst copycat sites tend to be viewed by the public as cheap imitations.

So the most important aspect of any website is the fact that it is unique in concept and providing there is public demand and is in the hands of business people with business brains, it should turn a profit. However, it is often the case that the entrepreneur behind the website is not business minded and fails to capitalise on the business opportunity.

The second most important facet of a good website is the search engine optimisation which should be in place before the website goes to the developers. With billions of websites on the internet, unless a new website can be found by the search engines to attract the right type of visitor, it is doomed to failure. Unless, of course the company behind the new website has the financial resources to invest in heavy marketing. Search engine traffic is free if it comes through the organic listings, freeing up much needed capital for other advertising and development costs.

What constitutes good design is the main area where experts will often fall out. There are awards handed out by questionable organisations that are simply promoting themselves to websites for the way they look. A website that may look stunning and win one of these awards may well be a white elephant as far as business profits are concerned. Looking good and making money don't necessarily go hand in hand and many an ugly website will be making millions whilst an attractive rival is going bankrupt. It would not be true to say that ugly is better than beautiful as far as website design is concerned but too much emphasis is put on the look of a website as opposed to the functionality and performance. If a site gets no traffic, it can be the most beautiful site in the world but not earn a penny in revenue.

A good site has to instantly capture the attention of any new visitor; it has to be easily navigated and ensure that the information a potential client is looking for is no more than two clicks away. It has to function seamlessly and ensure that it doesn't crash, hang or leave the client lost or frustrated. Websites that have used open source platforms where the designer has cobbled a number of platforms together to keep costs down will often do this.

We build and design some of the best websites on the internet. We also partner entrepreneurs with start up websites and small businesses with failing websites. So if you want to own or be part of a company with a successful website, contact us to find out how we can build you a website that could turn into an internet success story and be considered one of the best websites on the internet.

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