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Apart from the obvious internet success stories there are hundreds of thousands of successful websites that make real money. Whilst this may appear to be a high number, in proportion to the billions of websites on the internet, success is a rare commodity.

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The pot of gold that most internet entrepreneurs seek is always tantalisingly just over the next hill and always out of reach. The reason for this is usually because their website is not built for the search engines, they lack the finances to market the site and they don't understand how the internet works.

There are certain elements required to ensure the success of any website on the internet.
  • It always helps if the idea is unique or at least offers something very different to the competition. USP's (unique selling points) are essential.

  • Professional website design and build are also essential. Cheap websites are always websites that have been cobbled together using free or off the shelf platforms which will function perfectly well but are totally useless as far as the search engines are concerned. You cannot approach the internet using a one size fits all system. Furthermore, if your website is using two or more databases that need to talk to each other, there will be conflicts that will cause the site to crash or you will need to make compromises and end up with a site that does not do what you originally wanted it do.

  • The website needs to be optimised for the search engines from outset. The search engine optimiser is the architect that provides the blueprint for the website developer. Too many people get their website built than ask our search engine optimisers to sort out the problems. This is always more expensive and often, because the site is built with open source platforms, often not viable.
These websites are real existing or upcoming internet success stories:

France One Call is a website advertising holiday homes in France. Established for over a decade, it was the first site to specialise in self-catering holiday homes, the first to provide availability information and the first to enable advertisers to build a sub site within a directory. There are numerous other facets to this business that make it unique and why, despite intense competition, it has remained the market leader. However, the major USP has been the fact that members refer enquiries for weeks they have already booked that they obtain from their other advertising to France One Call. This enables all the members to benefit from each others advertising, giving them the widest possible marketing spread for a small fee, as each member is piggy backing off each others advertising.

Kiss N Sell is a unique website that provides the facility for people to auction stories for newspapers, magazines and the media to buy. If someone were to directly approach a newspaper with a "Kiss and Tell" story, there is always the danger that they will impart too much information allowing the newspaper to investigate the story without the need to pay for it. This often happens, so Kiss N Sell was set up to gain the highest possible price from the buyer whilst protecting the seller. The site was optimised to ensure that it displaced all the major newspapers from the top of Google for relevant searches to ensure that sellers found the website first.

SubDirect This website was the idea of Neil Singleton a floor layer who saw a gap in the market for subcontractors to advertise their services and availability to property developers and for property developers to advertise for subcontractors. Rather like a dating site, it enables property developers to find subcontractors living and or working in areas where they need skilled tradesmen. It is an economic way for a subcontractor in the construction industry who wants to be found on the internet but can't justify the expense of having his own website designed and optimised for the search engines.

WebWindows are a company who sell advertising space in all the major Sunday Supplements. They purchase full and double page spreads in the Sunday magazines and then sell the space off at a discounted rate to advertisers who want to purchase display advertising. Advertisers can buy the advertising space cheaper through WebWindows than by going direct to the newspapers or magazines. The company is able to advise advertisers which magazines would be best suited to their market place and provide a full free graphic design service for their clients. This website was also optimised to displace the magazines and newspapers from the top of Google to ensure they were found first.

MenorcaLastMinute was another unique idea conceived by Tim Fletcher who saw a gap in a niche market for holiday home owners to advertise their last minute availability on Menorca at a discount. Selling off un-let weeks at a reduced rate rather than letting the holiday villas stand empty, the site enables holidaymakers to book their holidays on Menorca at prices far cheaper than they could buy them elsewhere. The site was optimised for Google, achieving top ten positions for 97% of the search terms that Tim specified. Tim is now planning further development to capture even more of the Menorcan holiday market.

UTOPELE was originally conceived by Simon Roberts as an small business advertising directory. After meetings with some of our development team and directors the idea evolved into a search engine allowing companies to build there own website within a directory that will be found at the top of all the major search engines. This enables companies who do not have the resources to invest in a bespoke website to create an internet site for a fraction of the cost. With a budget close to 100,000 and after two years of planning and development, the first phase of the site is about to be launched. Small and large business that would otherwise have no chance of owning a website that was found in the top ten of Google without massive investment in design and search engine optimisation will benefit enormously from traffic through all the search engines.

If you have a failing website or a business idea that you want to become an internet success story, the best business decision you could make right now is contact us. We know how to turn your business idea into an internet success story.

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