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Advice and help with launching new websites. Success on the Internet is rare, but with our help your new website will make money.

What makes internet success so elusive and what are the secrets to success on the Internet?

Everyday, thousands of new websites are submitted to the search engines by website designers on behalf of budding Internet entrepreneurs hoping for Internet success. Few will make a profit, most will never return the initial investment and maybe, just maybe, one website will succeed and make the owners a substantial income.

Internet success is rare, yet the website design business is booming with website designers who continue to churn out cheap, low performance websites. These website designers are feeding a market of hapless hopefuls looking for Internet success that does not seem to diminish.


To every problem there is a solution.

The blame for internet failure can be placed squarely at the feet of both the website designer and the person who commissioned the website.

  • Most websites are not built for the search engines because most website designers donít know how.
  • No matter what your market place is, the search engines are going to have millions of web pages indexed for your competitive key search terms.
  • We live in a price driven society and most people opt for the cheapest web design quote.
  • Website designers therefore tailor the website to fit the price rather than lose the business.
  • Professional Internet companies invest hundreds of thousands if not millions in their online presence.
  • No sensible business person can honestly believe that they can have a website built for a few thousand pounds that is going to compete at the top of the search engines.
  • Despite this, budding Internet entrepreneurs still throw their money down the drain on website design that is doomed to failure.
Success on the Internet requires planning, financial resources beyond most small businesses means and an experienced web development and IT team to maintain and progress the project.

However, if you have a good idea for an Internet site, even if you donít have the financial resources, we may have the answer. To every problem there is a solution.

If you have a website that is failing or a good idea for an Internet business, we are always looking to expand our partnership of websites. We have the financial resources, the knowledge, the skills, the infrastructure and the internet acumen to ensure your success on the Internet.

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