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Internet partners web design and online marketing services for new businesses. Business partners working in partnership to design and build successful websites.

As web designers, entrepreneurs who have great idea for an Internet business but lack the understanding or financial resources to ensure success often approach us to quote for the design of a website.

The mistake most of these new Internet entrepreneurs make, is hoping that a cheap website will do the same job as a professionally custom built and optimised website.

The Internet has no borders or boundaries; it is the financial limitations restraining the owners of websites that determines their level of success.

It is very tempting to opt for the most competitive design quote but this will almost certainly lead to low search engine traffic and end in financial failure.

Companies with websites that are generating millions of pounds in online sales are spending comparative levels on their online development and marketing.

If you don't have the financial resources to compete on a serious level, but have a great idea, we would be interested in being your Internet partner.

The success of a website has little to do with how good a website looks. It is how it is designed and built and the programming that generates the integrated web pages that will determine how the website performs in the search engines.

Most websites are not built for the search engines and those that are cost far more to design and build because of their complex structures. They can be as different as a skateboard and a Formula One racing car. (Other than having four wheels, they have nothing else in common).

If you have a good idea for an Internet business, as good as it is, if you don't have an IT team that understand the search engines, Internet marketing, correct web design and search engine optimisation, you are going to struggle to make your mark.

Furthermore, your competition are likely to be investing heavily in their Internet presence and marketing and most likely have their own full time IT team working round the clock to maintain and develop their online business.

If we like your idea and believe you have the entrepreneurial skills to drive the business forward, we may be interested in partnering you and providing all the requisite skills and services needed to make your website a huge success.

This releases capital back into your business to invest in other important areas of business development, ensures you have a real online presence and may also provide other areas of business experience that you may be lacking.

Having Internet partners who understand all aspects of the Internet provides you with the resources needed to ensure success and allows you to concentrate on developing your business, whilst we concentrate on developing the Internet side of the business.

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