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Internet marketing should not be confused with advertising. Internet marketing is a subject that requires a great deal of understanding on how the search engines work. Thirty-five years ago, when I first started out in business, sales, marketing and advertising were three distinctly different subjects. Over the years the lines became blurred, departments merged or were integrated into each other and Directors had to wear more than one cap. Jacks of all trades and not necessarily mastering any of these essential subjects. I have actually met marketing directors who believed that advertising and marketing were just two names given to the same subject - frightening when you think about it.

A decade ago, they could have got away with that, but with the emergence of the Internet with all its possibilities and black holes, marketing has once again come to the foreground as a required skill. Internet marketing can make or break a company on the Internet. Handled correctly, it can generate huge revenues, handled the wrong way and it becomes another black hole to pour money into without seeing a financial return.

Internet marketing is far removed from any of the traditional forms of marketing. It should be approached in a completely different manner and your marketing message needs to be exacting. It is therefore imperative that your website is built by designers who understand the Internet.

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Internet marketing should start with your own website, if you have one. Most website designers will approach the design of a website from the way it looks. Most owners of websites will be pleased with the design because they are looking at it as a showcase for their wears, in the same way as they would look at their window display. BIG MISTAKE. A shop window, if it is in the right position on the right high street will entice people in to browse. The same rules apply to Internet sites but the problem is gaining the right positions on the search engines.

An Internet site is in essence a report that you send to the search engines. Pack the site with lots of design and the code needed to create the design waters down the message in the report. Search engines cannot read graphics, photos or images of any description. They only read text. So a web page that has little code and plenty of content will always perform better in the search engines than even the most glorious looking site.

There in lies another problem. Writing marketing copy so that the search engines will rank the site highly is totally different to writing copy for magazines or other published matter. This should be left to website optimisers who understand what is required. The other mistake so often made by website designers is believing that the home page is the most important page on a website. Correct web design should place equal importance on every page. If your website is a report to the search engines, every page should be a doorway to your website through the search engines. Don't make the same mistake of going back to the original designers and asking them to sort the optimisation problems out. There are very few companies capable of correctly optimising a website and despite your designers claims, if they really knew what they were doing, they wouldn't have cocked your project up in the first place.


Used correctly, this linking system will drive loads of targeted traffic to your website. One link from your home page to a central links directory in exchange for your website being listed on hundreds of websites and web pages. Every home page link creates traffic into searchable databases held on hundreds of websites and it continues to grow without you having to do anything else. The links on the right hand side of this page are only related to website design and related subjects but they are being drawn from the same database.

Your marketing message should contain important key words related to your business. This is because, web pages carrying these results return them in order or relevance to the search made through the search engines. Don't waste words that are going to be meaningless in a search term made through the search engines. If you sell, curtains, carpets, rugs, blankets and bed linen use them in you text. Adjectives like pretty, beautiful and stunning are useless because people are unlikely to use these words when searching.


Internet advertising using competitions as a marketing medium can prove a very economic yet profitable way of promoting your website. There is little point in running a competition on your own website if you are looking at ways to increase traffic. We have an economic yet fantastic way of driving huge traffic to your site if you want to put up a prize in one of our competitions.


Sometimes, one simple marketing idea, that costs nothing, can generate more business than you can cope with. We are all familiar with the idea of networking and how powerful it can be as a marketing tool. This FREE marketing takes five minutes and within hours, thousands of people will have seen your marketing message.

All you have to do is place a FREE advertisement. You then get sent a confirmation email with a link. You then use the multiple email a friend facility to send your advertisement to a minimum of five friends encouraging them to all place FREE advertisements and repeat the process. Everyone you know has something to sell, so the message you send to your friends is important. If they also place advertisements and get their friends to do the same, and the process continues, within hours tens of thousands of people will have seen your advert.


The best Internet marketing tip we can give you is to talk to us.

It doesn't matter how good your product or service is, if the search engines don't deliver you high levels of traffic, you are going to be another Internet failure. We have loads of ideas to help you with your Internet marketing. Some are FREE, some cost very little and some require a small or medium sized investment. In short, whatever your budget, we can help.

Competitions are a great way to generate traffic to your website. However, just running a competition on a website that gets very little traffic won't help. We have a simple and cost effective solution to this. Thousands of visitors can be driven to your website through hundreds of competition related links.

If you are thinking of running a competition, we can take care of the Internet marketing required to drive high volumes of traffic to your site. All you have to do is tell us what the prize is and we take care of the rest.

Use the links to the left of this page to advertise anything you have to sell at a discount. Make sure you make your advert clear and precise. Make sure the potential client understands how much you are discounting your product and only include relevant information. Often, the marketing message is lost in between all the verbal rubbish some advertisers seem compelled to include. Keep your marketing message short and succinct.

You should not depend on the Internet as the be all and end all for your marketing. The Internet is just another marketing medium like any other. Even the most popular Internet sites that are household names recognise the need to market themselves through other mediums.

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