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Internet business partners, specialists in setting up Internet companies. Success on the Internet is never guaranteed but with the right help, advice and skills, success online can become a reality.

If you have just entered this page by typing "Internet business partners" or "setting up an Internet company" into a search engine, our best advice at this point, is to go to the home page of this section of our website about setting up an Internet business.


So that we donít waste each others time, we would like to make a few points clear.

We doní t expect our partners to be all round business people. Sales people donít necessarily make good managers, inventors donít always make good entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are renowned for their bad administration skills.

Our job as business partners is to fill in the gaps with the necessary skills required to enable you the time to concentrate on what you do best, whilst we take care of the rest.


A typical business partner who approaches us normally has a new idea, new product, service or different slant or twist on an existing product or service.

We are looking for new business partners who wish to play an active role in the development of their business and bring their own skills, experience and expertise to the Group.

These new skills or experience may be advantageous to both parties when developing other business opportunities.

An ideal candidate will be prepared to dedicate their time and energies to moving the new Internet company forward. Prepared to commit whatever time and energy is necessary to the success of the business, have the dedication, motivation and desire to succeed. They should also have funds or finance in place that can be redirected towards other marketing or business development whilst we invest in the Internet marketing and website development.

We are not looking for people who have an idea and think that whilst we are prepared to invest in the website development, IT support and other business skills needed, they can just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Just having a great business idea and the best website in the world will not guarantee success. The senior partners within the Group think nothing of working a twelve hour day and when necessary a seven day week to ensure the success of a project.

We have built this group of companies by being prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure success and help each other, whenever and wherever possible. It is this business ethic that you will benefit from if you are successful in convincing us that your business idea has merits.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.

Right now we are looking for new Internet business ideas.

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