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Internet Business marketing, help, advice and information with internet marketing, website design, internet advertising by internet entrepreneurs and business directors specialising in internet marketing for start up, new and existing internet businesses.

The marketing of any new internet business can prove costly and fruitless if you do not understand the internet and marketing in general. This is why we have our own marketing departments with marketing consultants who work solely in various specialist mediums.

Internet business marketing takes many forms, and can prove costly because of the time involved and research needed to ensure that the marketing reaches the right people at the right time through the right mediums. However, in the right hands, a marketing campaign, handled correctly is capable of generating huge awareness amongst a target audience.

There are a number of steps involved in any marketing campaign:
  • The target audience has to be identified

  • A clear succinct and precise message has to written setting out the major benefits.

  • The marketing budget has to be set identifying the expected financial returns and these have to be consistently monitored.

  • Based on this budget, known marketing mediums have to be selected.

  • Finally the best marketing processes have to be chosen that fit within the marketing budget.
We have numerous marketing personnel that work that work together on any project and in close communication with our advertising departments. Together they will come up with a marketing plan that could include all or any of the following:
  • Public relations who will write quality press releases that can be sent to newspapers, magazines, internet sites and where appropriate, television stations. Publishers and editors are always on the look out for quality press releases that are well written, newsworthy and of interest to their readers. Knowing how to write press releases that are likely to be accepted and writing good copy is a skill developed over years of experience. Likewise, building relationships with publishers and editors is time consuming and built up over years of personal contact.

  • Obtaining interviews for television magazine programmes can create the type of public awareness that only multi-million pound budgets can buy. One of our partners is the nationally famous Kizzi Nkwocha and if we have a story that is of particular interest, Kizzi can work wonders for our business partners.

  • Writing good marketing copy is a specialised skill and we have copy writers who do nothing but write hard hitting, clear and succinct marketing messages that get results.

  • Other marketing mediums include online and offline marketing using numerous marketing mediums to help create public awareness about any new internet business we get involved in. Obviously this is an ongoing process.
Having set the marketing process up our advertising department gears up to set in motion the new internet business advertising.

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