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Internet Business information, help with financial backing for website design. Internet business information and marketing by successful internet entrepreneurs and business directors providing free information on starting, launching and developing successful Internet businesses.

This section about setting up an internet business provides basic information about how we partner new internet businesses, what we provide and what we expect from our new business partners.

We are looking for ambitious internet entrepreneurs who must have a good idea for an internet business, are prepared to work hard to drive the business forward but lack the resources, or experience, skills or knowledge needed to move the business forward.

The Where On Earth Group is a partnership of business people experienced in every aspect of setting up new internet businesses, developing and managing the business and ensuring it grows and returns a substantial profit.

As most new internet businesses fail due to inexperience and a lack of understanding of the internet, we believe we provide the best way forward for any new business.

Providing we like the idea and believe you have the business acumen and experience in your field of expertise, we will back your idea, provide everything including the website design, database programming, business skills, IT support, business advice, in fact everything your new business requires to become a success.

In return, we take shares in the new internet business meaning we have a continued financial interest in the business. The percentage of shares that we take depends entirely on the level of investment that we have to make and the expected profits we would expect to generate in the long term. This means we hold your hand every step of the way, not just at the beginning but in the medium and long term.

This is a partnership that requires both parties to give 100%. The business is worthless without you and is unlikely to be a success without us. You remain the Principal Director, in a far larger and more profitable business.

By joining the Group, you may well be called upon to provide your own expertise in future business ventures. Everyone who joins the Group brings something new to the boardroom table, strengthening our team and helping us grow and prove more profitable.

The success of any new internet business that joins the Group helps every other member. There is always a lot of cross fertilisation, generating business for each other. New members soon discover that additional or new business possibilities arise as a result of having business partners they can call upon at any time.

Success on the internet depends on a number of factors. However, the one major cause for all internet businesses to fail is the fact that most websites are not built for the search engines. This is because most people who set up an internet business do not understand that most websites are not built for the search engines.

As a result, they choose to have a website designed by a cheap website designer, believing that once they have a website, the business will start pouring in. in reality, the internet businesses that are making money on the internet are investing hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds in their internet sites. No sensible business person can really expect to be able to compete with the large conglomerates with a website that has cost them a few thousand pounds.

To compete on the internet, you need a professional custom internet business website design.

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