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Internet Business help, information and backing for website design. Internet business help and marketing by successful internet entrepreneurs and business directors experienced in helping start, launching and developing successful new Internet businesses.

If you are setting up an internet business you are going to need help.

When setting up a new internet business, it is essential to seek help at every stage. If you do not truly understand the internet and how the search engines work, you should never, ever make any business decision unless you are in full information of all the facts. Always seek help.

There is so much rubbish published on the internet about setting up an internet business and all the related areas than just about any other subject. Simply researching the subject on the internet is likely to lose you money in time wasted, mistakes and the scammers who will help take your money.

The Where On Earth Group are Europe's largest internetwork partnership with partners experienced in every aspect of setting up a new internet business. By partnering us, you gain a large team of experts who have a financial interest in your business. Your new internet business goes live with all the expert staff required to ensure success, without the financial overheads you would otherwise have, leaving you free to concentrate on the business areas you understand and the money to invest in other much needed areas.

Your new business, instead of being a one man band, has a team of experts, on call, at no cost because we have a stake in the new business and have a keen interest to ensure it is profitable. Knowing that you are not alone, that you have partners who can remove the pressures, avoid the problems and work alongside you means your business can develop far more quickly and efficiently.

Typical areas of expertise that we bring to the boardroom table at no cost to the new business are:
  • Custom website design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Database programming
  • Networking
  • IT support
  • Public relations
  • Online marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Business planning
  • Business consultancy
  • Accountancy
  • Legal help
  • Financial help
By taking a stake in your internet business, we are investing time and money in an enterprise that we believe will return us a profit. You will have parted with a negotiated percentage of your business in return for the expertise, backing and support of a number of business partners.

To find out how this works, read more about internet business information.

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