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Most new Internet businesses fail due to a lack of planning, inexperience, lack of funds, poor business sense but mainly because the websites are not designed for the Internet.

Starting an Internet business can be a minefield for the inexperienced business person or entrepreneur because they do not understand the Internet or know the difference between a correctly designed and optimised website and a website that has been put together by a poor designer.

Hardly the most auspicious start to your new business enterprise, but just having a great idea for a new venture and owning a website is not a guarantee for success. If you believe that it is, then your foray into the world of online commerce is most likely doomed to failure from the start.

We are in the business of helping people start an Internet business online and you will find a wealth of information on this section of our website about how to start, develop and turn your Internet business idea into a profitable online company.

We will show you how to avoid making expensive business mistakes. We can help you spread your limited financial budgets much further and direct them at the important business areas that will return you a profit. We can help you with business advice, employment information, business consulting, Internet marketing, online advertising and all the business acumen, support and back up a new Internet company requires in order to succeed online.

The Where On Earth Group is Europeís largest internetwork, a partnership of Internet sites and online companies who work together, help each other and recognise that the success of one company within the Group can benefit all the other members.


Successful business people are not people who try and do everything themselves, they know their limitations. They surround themselves with colleagues who have the experience, skills and know how to move their company forward.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of support would be financially crippling or out of the reach of a new business. However, if you take the trouble to explore and investigate the web pages in this section of our Internet site, you will learn how we can help turn your business idea into one of the few online successes on the Internet.

You donít need to be a millionaire to benefit from partnering us, just have a business idea and the desire and determination to become one.

Right now, the best business decision you could make is to talk to us.
We are in the business of starting Internet businesses.

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