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As one of Europe’s leading Internet advertising consultants, we have designed the content of these pages for information purposes only. Feel free to take advantage of any of the FREE Internet advertising you find here without obligation. If, however, you are planning an Internet advertising campaign, before you commit yourself to any financial outlay, no matter how small, please contact us.

It would be impossible to cover every scenario through these pages. Every business has different needs and financial budget and money can be wasted or better directed if we have a full understanding of what you are trying to achieve.


Internet advertising should start with your own website and for most website owners it ends there too. Most Internet sites get very little traffic for a number of reasons. Most Internet sites are not built for the search engines so get very little traffic from people surfing the Internet. You may have one of these or are considering having a website built.

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BOOP provides Internet advertising from just £1.00 and this charge is only made to give added protection to buyers from fraudulent advertisers. BOOP is a great way to sell your house, holidays, cars and much more. Amazingly, when you advertise on BOOP you also get FREE advertising on BOOGAMI


BOOGAMI offers Internet advertising to anyone who is prepared to offer their goods and services CHEAPER than they are being advertised elsewhere. You advertise your goods at the full asking price on BOOP but advertise them at the cheapest price on BOOGAMI So buyers can see that they are making genuine savings on the best possible deals.


If you are investing in television, radio, newspaper or Internet advertising with a view to driving more traffic to your website, it is essential that your website doesn’t let you down. Having succeeded in motivating high numbers of visitors to your website, you want your visitors to be immediately captivated by the design, you want it to be easy to use and it needs to be visually appealing so that it stands out from the bland image projected by your competitors.

It is also imperative that it performs in the search engines, so that people surfing the Internet, find it and as a result of your advertising, instantly recognise who you are and choose to visit your site as a result. We are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers working with the UK’s most dynamic and innovative designers. Together, we combine to make an unbeatable website design team.


The Internet is still in its infancy, there are tens of thousands of website designers and no regulatory body or qualifications required to set up as a website designer. This means that anyone with a programme and a little IT knowledge can design and build a website. The problems with sites built with programmes are the excessive html code required to create a page. This code confuses the search engines, whereas a website designed by a professional coder requires very little code, making it easier for a search engine to determine the content of a web page. Another problem is some designers are anal about the design and look of a website and either ignore or don’t understand the role of the search engines. All that glitters is not gold. A rule of thumb is, the prettier the website the poorer the performance. So many businesses end up with lots of shiny pages that produce no income. Sometimes, these problems are very easily resolved. The first thing we do with any client looking to maximise their Internet advertising, is sort out these problems. Your own website should be an income earner.


Internet advertising is not a golden goose, no matter how well your Internet site performs in the search engines. It is just another form of advertising. Despite all the hype, you will still need to use the more traditional forms of advertising. If you are advertising your website in a newspaper you can be pretty certain of hitting your chosen target audience. Newspapers are usually very good at collecting information on their readers’ demographics. Internet sites find this more difficult to monitor due to a reluctance by visitors to impart personal information on line.


There are lots of Internet sites that provide free advertising and you could spend your life filling in advertising forms and get no return for your time and effort. Many of these free advertising sites are bought by people with no IT knowledge, who fancy the idea of becoming dot com millionaires, from web design companies who are using templates to knock them out on a production line. Every website is identical and just re-branded. These sites are simple to manage by anyone but the problem is, in order to simplify them, the advertising pages are generic. In other words, the advertising pages do not exist until someone does a search for something on the website and the page is created at that point. These types of websites make it virtually impossible for the search engines to index the pages. In most cases, the search engines will only know of the existence of the home page and a few information pages. These are known as back end websites.

It is therefore important to have a website built by a professional website design company. All too often, businesses are let down by their own website, either by the look and feel, the navigation or the performance.

The free advertising we provide are on what is known as semi-static pages enabling the search engines to read every page. Pages like this get traffic through the search engines but also give people a reason to return. Anything advertised through this free advertising section MUST be advertised at a DISCOUNT.


Internet advertising like all advertising is all about being seen. You can target market your audience and you can saturate a potential audience. If you sell garden furniture, an obvious place to advertise is in a gardening magazine or website. This is niche marketing, so your target market is small simply because you are only reaching keen gardeners. However, there are plenty of people who hate gardening but have gardens and enjoy sitting in them when the weather allows. These people are likely to be reading any kind of magazine or surfing a variety of websites. Your target market is far greater and just as potentially profitable. But which websites do you choose to advertise on and how long will it take you to research and apply to advertise. The simple solution is to saturate a market by advertising on hundreds of different web pages with one application form. This form of Internet advertising takes a couple of minutes to set up and cost pennies per web page.


You can read a lot of information about linking strategies on the Internet. Reciprocal links, three way linking, link exchange, link popularity etc all telling you how it will help with the search engines. This information is put up on the Internet by companies trying to sell you a linking service of one form or another. The major and most important search engines work by adding and subtracting links running to and from your site. So if you exchange links with another website the sum total is zero. If on the other hand, you have hundreds of inbound links to your site and one outbound link, you have a website that is considered popular.

Some businesses actually employ companies to get them reciprocal links. These companies have massive databases that they use to SPAM websites, claiming to have visited their site and wanting to exchange links. These people are a nuisance at the least and often get their clients struck off the search engines.

True, links can drive traffic to your site but why pay for them or spend hours trying to persuade other websites to exchange links. This system provides you with thousands of links to your site in exchange for one link from your home page and it doesn’t cost you a penny.


You should explore the links on the right hand side of this page to learn about other advertising opportunities. Before you commit yourself to any paid for advertising, please read the instructions before completing any form. If you are looking for a major Internet advertising campaign, please contact us to avoid wasting your time and money.

Avoid any form of advertising that is likely to irritate or anger potential clients. These include pop ups, pop unders, both of which can crash unstable computer systems, SPAM or email lists which really hack people off. The only people who make money out of SPAM are the rogues who sell you these services and companies who sell anti-spam software. In some cases they are one of the same.


Internet advertising using competitions as a marketing medium can prove a very economic yet profitable way of promoting your website. There is little point in running a competition on your own website if you are looking at ways to increase traffic. We have an economic yet fantastic way of driving huge traffic to your site if you want to put up a prize in one of our competitions.

Internet advertising is a huge topic to try and cover and even harder to try and comprehend and really maximise its potential. To go to the beginning of these pages click here.


Televisual Magazine's survey of the top commercials production companies has put Space City at Number 1 for five consecutive years. That's because we make more TV commercials than any other UK company. We specialise in Cost - effective Commercials - made on tight budgets, ideal for first time advertisers or challenger brands.


Radio Commercials recorded and produced in our own in house studio. Space City can help you with every stage of production. We set very high standards of reliability and efficiency; we stick to deadlines and budgets.


Advertising can come in many shapes and forms and our lead generation services are an economic and cost effective method of only paying for genuine enquiries. Unlike pay per click, where you are paying for your competitors and other time wasters each time they click on your website, with lead generation, you only pay for qualified leads.

Mortgage leads are an obvious market but we would be interested in hearing from any company who may wish to participate and buy leads for other types of businesses.


If you are planning a major advertising campaign on television, radio or in the press, it is essential that you engage the services of a media buyer. Media buyers are experienced in planning and buying advertising time and space and are able to obtain the best rates whilst knowing the best places to advertise. Media buyers are paid commission by the TV and Radio stations and newspaper publishers, so you benefit from their expertise without having to pay them a fee.

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