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So we come full circle. I live in France where obesity is rare and my visit to the UK confirmed that obesity is an epidemic of seismic proportions where infertility is on the increase down to the fact that so many people in the UK eat junk food and simply don't care about their bodies and health.

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Back in the sixties and seventies we were all slim, fit and active. Beautiful women were to be found in their millions, we were proud of our bodies and sex was something we all did with energy and enthusiasm.

Now the politically correct brigade complain that magazines print photos of women that aren't real and put young women under pressure because they are all two sizes bigger than they were fifty years ago. Hang on a minute, whose fault is that?

Blame the fat parents who binged on junk food whilst they were pregnant starting their children's weight problems in the womb. Blame the irresponsible parents who feed their children junk food and allow them to get fat and obese because they cannot be bothered to cook them a healthy meal.

The reason that children are bigger and fatter today than they were forty years ago is down to their diet. I'm not saying we were all tall back then and all had legs up to our arses, but we didn't carry a lot of excess weight, the fashions wouldn't have allowed it.

We men wore hipsters and fitted shirts, the girls wore hot pants, mini skirts and boob tubes and we looked good, if not a little odd at times.

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We took pride over our appearance, we were all peacocks that posed and strutted and felt good about ourselves.

Now look at the average youngster of today. Many are overweight, some are fat, and far too many are obese. If they wore hipsters they would have to pull them up under their man boobs, a fitted shirt would look like it would burst open at anytime, hot pants and mini skirts would look disgusting with the thighs of the girls of today and boob tubes would need securing with braces.

Fat people seem to have no pride, no self control, no self respect and an attitude towards themselves that is unbelievable. The youngsters don't seem to take any interest in their appearance, their skin is dreadful, their hair unkempt and unwashed and their clothes bought for comfort and camouflage.

Time to kick some arse and there are some sizeable arses out there.

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