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Many people are under the misapprehension that once they have a website, the world and his dog is going to beat a path to their home page. Many website owners would consider it an achievement if just got the dog visited, such is the disappointment that many face when they realise that increasing visitors to their website is not going to be that easy.

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Most websites are contracted to be built and uploaded to the internet without any thought about how they are going to get traffic or be found by people surfing the net. I would liken this to opening a shop up a backstreet in the most remote town, doing no marketing and advertising yet expecting people to know your business exists.


There are likely to be hundreds of thousands of websites related to your business and our job is to ensure that as many people as possible who are surfing the internet find your website. We can do this by implementing linking strategies, search engine optimisation, website advertising and using the search engines like you would any high street by positioning your website so that people who are looking for your type of product or service or don't know that your product or service exists, find your site.

We need to work alongside you to establish what your market place is and which approach would prove to be the most profitable for your business. We are specialists in increasing website traffic.