Increasing traffic through the search engines to get better quality visitors, more online sales and higher search engine positions from as little as 100 per month + vat. If you own a website and would like to increase visitors and the quality of the traffic going through your site, talk to us. No wild claims, no empty promises, just realistic targets and results achieved through innovative search engine optimisation.

The number of internet users is growing in the millions every week, and if claims are to be believed, 80% of all traffic uses the search engines to source information and buy online. Whilst the internet provides the possibility to access a national or worldwide markets it also opens any business up to worldwide competition.

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It is not unusual for a search engine to have tens or even hundreds of millions of web pages indexed for a competitive search phrase. These websites will be your competition and being found in the top ten of the search engines for the most competitive search terms whilst possible, takes expertise and an understanding of how the search engines work.


Poor performance on the search engines can be down to something simple as being hosted on the wrong type; a badly set up server or as a result of having your web pages dropped because someone who didn't know what they were doing has had a go at optimising your website.

We will happily demonstrate, using the Google search engine how we can increase traffic to your website. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that needs to be flexible and based on discussion to ensure that the traffic to your website results in the online sales you need.

We appreciate that there are thousands of search engine optimisation companies making fantastic claims about increasing search engine traffic but can the be found in the top ten of Google for competitive search terms or are they paying to be in the sponsored links? If the latter is the case, they can't achieve top ten positions for their own website and won't be able to do it for their clients.

We believe that we provide the best possible search engine optimisation service, generating the results a client wants based on realistic targets and budgets. The techniques we use are ethical and fall within all legal boundaries ensuring your website gets a problem free existence on the internet. If you want to do more business online then we have the skills to improve your ranking and innovative ways of increasing traffic to your website.