Increasing search engine traffic to a website using legal and ethical marketing strategies and search engine optimisation techniques that won't get your website de-listed or a bad reputation with other websites. There are hundreds of thousands of SEO companies who all claim to be the leading search engine optimisation company on the internet, making wild claims about increasing search engine traffic but unable to gain top ten positions on Google for any competitive search term.

The search engine optimisation companies prepared to make these ludicrous claims are often using SEO techniques and marketing strategies that could get your website penalised by the search engines. In fact, your inbox is probably plagued by companies sending you Spam and junk mail on behalf of websites who have naively or deliberately, without consideration of other businesses signed up to their services.

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Typical services that are offered by these companies that could make you unpopular or get you blacklisted are; reciprocal link building services, spamming and junk mail being sent to non subscription databases, blasting your website to hundreds of thousands of application forms on websites and illegal SEO using keyword packing on web pages.


Companies that use illegal and unethical techniques use there expertise to hide behind anonymous ISP's and hijacked email addresses, making it extremely difficult for the authorities to track them down. However, the unsuspecting client is having his website address blasted to thousands of companies who will certainly report him and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Ethical search engine optimisation that remains legal is slower, more expensive and won't drive millions of people to your website. However, it will increase visitors and those visitors will be targeted and therefore of a high quality and the type of potential client you are looking for. Furthermore, it won't irritate the hell out of anyone, except maybe your competitors and it won't get your website banned.

Profitability is the important element of any search engine optimisation project. Quality, qualified visitors are more likely to buy from you, whilst poor quality traffic will only eat into your time. This is what we focus on and a ten minute chat with us will convince you that we know what we are doing and are the best SEO company to help increase traffic to your website.

With basic contracts starting from as little 100 + vat per month, our search engine optimisation services are affordable and flexible to suit every budget.


The first thing we do is look at your competition, because without knowing what your competition are doing, you cannot hope to beat them to the winning post. Because we are Europe's largest internetwork, we have hundreds of websites under our management that we can use to link to your site. We don't have to plague the hell out of busy webmasters asking to exchange links. We also work our way through your website, making the necessary changes to meta tags and the use of keywords, altering linking structures and building pages containing relevant content.

We monitor the traffic to your site, analyse the statistics and communicate with you on a regular basis to ensue that we are maximising the opportunities for you to do business as markets change. The idea is to raise your profile whilst improving search engine rankings and increasing traffic through the search engines.