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We live in a world where competition for business is immense and the pressure put on sales personnel to increase clients, close more sales and do more business gets tougher by the week. Companies are expected to make more profit and this filters down through the ranks till it reaches the sales people at the sharp end. However, increasing the number of sales enquiries and generating more qualified leads is the only sure way to increase clients, close more sales and improve profits and this responsibility rests with the people in charge.

Assuming you have a good product range or service that is competitively priced and there is a genuine market place for your product, there are a number of tried and tested ways that you could employ to generate qualified sales leads.

Just setting higher sales targets and putting added pressure on your sales force or building in incentives to try and motivate salespeople who may already be feeling demoralised doesn't produce long term improvements. In fact, these types of tactics can often produce the reverse of what the management team were trying to achieve.


One of the best ways to motivate a sales team is to demonstrate that the company is investing in advertising and marketing to generate qualified sales leads for the sales personnel to convert into new clients. Get it right and your investment could be returned a thousand fold; get it wrong and you are even deeper in the proverbial than when you started out.

With almost 40 years experience in direct sales from salesman to Sales Director, everything in between and now CEO of Europe's largest internetwork, I think I have reasonable understanding of the sales process and what is required to increase sales.

The solutions provided through the links below are just the tip of the iceberg. They are sales lead generators that can cost as little as 200 enabling any company, no matter what their budget, to dip their toe in the water, right through to Newspaper and Television advertising for larger companies and even business solutions for companies in financial distress.

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The Where On Earth Group is a partnership of companies, each with their own expertise in their own field of experience that work together to provide marketing and business solutions. It is rare that we are not able to help any company, big or small in whatever circumstances if they are prepared to help themselves.

You could spend a month reading up on everything that we do and end up wondering exactly which course of action would be the best solution for your company. The better alternative is to contact us to discuss your circumstances and requirements.

If you are serious about increasing your client bank, we have a number of proven solutions that range from using the internet properly (few companies do) through to lead generation, B2B marketing, advertising in the Sunday supplements through to television advertising and beyond. Each medium is dealt with by a specialist company who operate in their own field of expertise.

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