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How to improve your Google pay per click advertising * selecting the right keywords * content network * conversion tracking * Adwords pay per click marketing

The answer is to this problem is to use negative keywords. This simply means putting a minus sign in front of the keywords that you want your ad to not appear for. So, if you set up your keyword list like this:

clipart images
website clipart
clipart downloads

then Google would avoid showing your ad to anyone who included the word "free" in their search term.


Square Brackets and Quotes

We said above that Google automatically shows your advert for related searches that you might not have explicitly included in your list of keywords. This is what Google refers to as the "broad match" option and is the default for all keywords.

A lot of the time this is ok, but there may be times when that is not suitable. So it is important to know about how you override this. We've already talked about negative keywords, but there are two other match types you need to know about to improve your Google pay per click advertising.

The first is "phrase match" and is specified by putting your keywords in quotes. The other option is "exact match" and this is achieved by putting your keywords in square brackets.

The differences between these options are very neatly explained at:

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As well as showing your advert on the Google search system (i.e. alongside the search results on Google itself) you can also have your adverts shown on other sites in the Google search network, such as AOL and Ask.com.

You can also opt to have your ads appear on the content network - i.e. sites which display Google AdSense adverts. The quality of clicks from the content network tends to be lower, because people have seen your advert by chance rather than as the direct result of an explicit Google search. Because of this, Google gives you the option to have different bids on the content network from those used in the search network.

I tend to find for most of my own campaigns that it is best to opt out of the content network but that is not to say you shouldn't try it. You may get different/better results for your products and services than I have for mine.


Once your AdWords campaign is up and running, it is important to monitor it and see if it is working for you. Failure to do this, especially in the early days of a new campaign, can result in you spending a lot of money in a very short space of time and having very little to show for it.

To get any idea of how successful your AdWords campaign is you are going to have to use conversion tracking.

To do this, you first of all need to identify what the conversion goal is. In other words, when someone comes to your website, what is your ideal end result? Do you want them to make a purchase? Or download a whitepaper? Or fill in an enquiry form? Obviously, your goal will vary depending on what kind of website you are promoting.


For the moment, let's assume that you are a mortgage broker and that your goal is to get someone to go to your website and then fill in an enquiry form requesting that you contact them to provide them with some mortgage advice.

After the potential client has filled in your online enquiry form, they get taken to a page on your site which says something like "Thank you for your enquiry. We will be in touch very soon." It is when the potential client sees that confirmation screen that your goal can be said to have been achieved.

So, to set up conversion tracking, you just need to enable it in your AdWords account and then add a piece of code (which Google supplies) onto that confirmation page on your website - the one that people see after filling in your mortgage enquiry form.

From then on, whenever someone fills in the form, the confirmation page will send a message back to Google to tell them that a conversion has taken place.

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In turn, you will then be able to view information in your AdWords account about how many of your clicks turn into enquiries (or purchases if you have a website which is selling something) and what you average cost per conversion is. You can see this information across a whole campaign or you can look at the conversion statistics for an individual Ad Group or even for an individual keyword.

By monitoring this kind of data you can tweak or get rid of any keywords that do not generate conversions or which have too high a cost per conversion.

That way you can avoid the all too common situation where you are paying 5 in advertising costs for every 2 product that you sell.


As I am sure you will appreciate, AdWords and pay per click marketing is a huge topic which whole books can be (and have been) devoted to. A book like this one which is trying to cover so many different aspects of internet marketing can only scratch the surface. However, the topics and tips discussed here are the ones which I personally feel are the factors that most helped me back when I first learned about them. Hopefully they will help you too. If you want to learn even more about AdWords (and I recommend that you should do so if you are serious about making money from the internet) then I would urge you again to sign up for Perry Marshall's free course which you can find here.

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How to improve your Google pay per click advertising * selecting the right keywords * content network * conversion tracking * Adwords pay per click marketing

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