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How search engines work - Utopele, winning traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo, getting more visitors through the search engines.

Internet users will be wondering why I have included this search engine alongside the big three but this will become obvious very quickly. I believe this British owned search engine is going to grow in importance because of the way it works. Whilst Google, Yahoo and MSN have focused on pay per click advertising, this search engine has opted for paid for inclusion only.

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This means this search engine is never going to carry web pages for website not prepared to pay for inclusion giving small and new websites exceptional opportunities to gain high traffic levels. Human editors ensure that pornographic and other offensive material cannot be added to the database.

Utopele is aiming at the business and information internet users and all web pages that are added to the database are indexed instantaneously and can be ranked highly from day one. Furthermore, searchers can find websites by relevancy, date added or in alphabetical order ensuring that all websites have a fair crack of the whip.

This search engine provides loads of advice about how to optimise your web pages and use of appropriate keywords. And this is of major importance as I will explain.


For a set annual fee, you can build web pages that are stored on the Utopele database. You are in fact building your own website using templates. This is ideal for anyone starting out on the internet with a new business idea, anyone wanting to research if a business idea has potential and anyone with an existing website that needs more traffic. You can link your Utopele web pages into your existing site to get more visitors.

You have total control over the content and can manage your online marketing without having to pay a website designer to do this for you. You can also network with other sites on Utopele and build an online business community.

However, the most important aspect of this search engine is this:

Google, Yahoo, MSN and most of the other search engines will be able to search Utopele and your web pages will stand a far greater chance of being found in their natural search results because of the organic optimisation that has been developed by Utopele. Google in particular likes websites that carry masses of content and have internal links to other related web pages. Your web pages on Utopele are classed as being part of a huge web directory, carrying huge levels of content and are more likely to get high rankings on Google and the other search engines than if you have a small stand alone website.

In addition, if someone does a search on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine and visits any page stored on Utopele, they can then also find your site, either by searching or clicking on a network. You are benefiting from traffic captured through any search engine, through any website and through your network.

Plus of course, anyone promoting, marketing or advertising their website on Utopele will also be indirectly generating some traffic to you. This is probably best done by registering a domain name and pointing it to the home page of your site on the directory. So each member is piggy backing off each other, combining their advertising and marketing budgets giving them the benefit of a substantial promotion campaign for what amounts to peanuts. It is a neat idea that, considering the money companies spend on pay per click advertising is fantastic value for money.

When you look at the success of social networking sites like FaceBook and Utube, Utopele provides more for any business looking to make an impact on the World Wide Web for a very small outlay.


The algorithm on this search engine is simple to understand; you simply instruct it to find your website for the keywords you feel are most important. Nor will you find it cluttered with pointless websites that arse simply trying to generate income through pay per click advertising. So the quality of the content is much higher and not polluted with rubbish.

Although this search engine is aimed at business users and commercial websites, it is growing in popularity with many internet users who need to access services and products without wading through nonsensical search results and finding websites that serve no point but to force you to click though to other sites.

Compared to the big commercial search engines, Utopele is a minnow and because of their policy of preventing offensive or scam websites from being listed, they are never going to be a threat to the major search engines. However, the companies behind Utopele have been involved in the internet for many years and know doubt have a number of ideas up their sleeves to make this project a viably commercial success.

It is growing fast and because of the snowball effect of building business communities within the search engine, it is unlikely to slow down. If you are thinking of setting up an internet business or have a website that gets very low traffic levels, I would commend Utopele as an important internet marketing tool.

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