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The secret of eternal youth or at least longevity has always been a healthy diet and lifestyle. No creams or magic potions can fix your skin if your insides are rusting and falling to bits. La Feytaud diet has all the ingredients you need to reduce face wrinkles and cellulite, help prevent or lessen stretch marks in pregnancy and improve your skin tone.

The skin is made up of 3 layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue which can become damaged and cause cellulite. By eating a well balanced and nutritious diet, you can slow down the aging process and to some extent, repair some of the damage already caused by a poor diet.

The epidermis is the outer layer that functions as the protective barrier to the outside environment. The cells of the epidermis, the keratinocytes which make up 90% of the cells in the epidermis, move from the bottom layer to the top layer of the epidermis building up keratin and developing a strong outer cover. The outer layers are constantly flaking off and being replaced but a poor diet can cause abnormalities or interrupt this function and your skin can become dry, wrinkled or flaky. The best solution is always a decent well balanced diet.

The dermis is the second layer of skin that contains the structural elements or connective tissues. There are numerous types of connective tissue that have different functions. One of these is collagen and this gives the skin its strength, naturally produced proteins called glycosaminoglycans that give the skin its turgor, which is the pressure of the cell contents against the cell wall and elastin fibers which give the skin its elasticity. A poor diet can interrupt all these functions and lead to wrinkles or cellulite.

The area between the dermis and the epidermis is the most important structure. The dermal-epidermal junction interlocks forming projections called rete ridges which interdigitate with the dermal papilla to help nourish the epidermis The cells of the epidermis get their nutrients from the blood vessels in the dermis. The rete ridges help increase the surface area of the epidermis that is exposed to these blood vessels and the much needed nutrients.

The bottom layer of skin is called the subcutaneous tissue containing fat cells. These fat cells are necessary to provide insulation to the body and make the skin look smooth and full. Damage to these cells can cause irreversible cellulite and excessive or fast dieting without the much needed nutrients contained with La Feytaud can lead to loose skin and wrinkles.

During pregnancy, if a diet doesn't contain the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to deal with the expansion of skin tissue, the dermis can be damaged leading to ugly stretch marks under the epidermis.

As the skin ages the epidermal cells become less sticky and thinner. Thinning of the cells makes the skin look visibly thinner. The decreased stickiness of the cells reduces the efficiency of the outer barrier enabling moisture to be released as opposed to being retained in the skin. The result is obviously dry skin and making it harder for the skin to repair itself.

A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle speeds up the effects of aging on the dermal layer, which thins, less collagen is produced, and the elastin fibers that provide the essential elasticity to prevent wrinkles is lost. These changes in the structure of the skin cause the skin to sag and become wrinkled.

The rete-ridges become less extended, making the skin more fragile and likely to tear. This process also restricts the amount of nutrients available to the epidermis by decreasing the surface area in contact with the dermis. This also interferes with the skin's normal repair process and accelerates aging.

La Feytaud can help slow this process down simply by providing a healthy and well balanced diet and lifestyle.

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