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I can show you how to make money from the internet, earn extra income 24 hours a day without having to spend a penny of your own money but the get rich quick bit I have yet to crack. If you are prepared to put in the hours, you will slowly build up a regular income that could grow substantially over the next two to five years and continue to grow and pay you an income for the rest of your life.

I can help you make money from the internet if you can write articulately about any subject you know about. They can be articles or stories on virtually any subject offering information, tips or advice and the more you write, the more money you will make. Now you might be thinking that you don't know about anything in particular, nobody will be interested in what you have to say or your point of view; but you would be wrong. Every body has a book in them, everybody has a point of view, we all have an interest or two, whether it is football, fishing, cooking, politics, history or what we saw on television last night. If you talk to me, I will soon come up with subjects that you know about that you could write about and could earn you money.

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How to earn extra income

The more popular the subject, the more money you are likely to make. If Golf is your passion and you wrote articles about Golf, because this is a popular past time, you would most likely make more money than if you wrote about collecting matchboxes. However, type the word Golf into Google and you will see that Google returns 340 million pages on the subject. This is why you need my help and why most websites never get any traffic, simply because they are trying to compete against hundreds of millions of other websites.

If you are going to make money from the internet, you need to have a partner who understands the search engines and how to get web pages into the top of the search engines and especially Google which is where I come in. I have made my money and continue to make money because I can optimise web pages to appear in the top ten of Google, which is where the traffic is and where you will make money. Without this ability, a web page never gets seen; it has no traffic and therefore no potential to make any money.

So how can you make money from the internet without investing a penny and simply by writing stories or articles? If you can write in an easy flowing manner about your chosen subjects, I would optimise the pages so that the search engines put them high in the rankings so that people would find them. Our website designers would build the pages and the programmers would sort out any database requirements. These pages would then be uploaded to one of our websites and hosted on our server. I pay for all of this, all you have to do is write the text.

We then put Google Adwords on these pages. These are advertisements that will be related to your subject matter and every time someone visits one of your web pages and clicks on a link Google pays us a commission and we will pay you a commission on everything that we earn through those pages. This is a working partnership between you and my company. You provide the text and we do the hard bit by getting the web pages we build into the top ten on Google.

Once you have written the article or story and the pages have been built, all the time people are visiting those pages and visiting the websites linked from them, you will earn an income for years to come. It really is impossible to predict how much money you will make because this will depend on the subject matter, how many visitors the pages get, how many people click through to the paying websites and how much they are bidding for those click throughs.

However, let's suggest that you write an article covering ten web pages. Supposing you earn just 3.00 per month from each page. That is 30.00 per month, 360.00 per annum and let's say it runs for just 10 years; that one article could have earned you 3,600.00. Let's say it took you one 10 hour day to write the article. That is not bad money for one days work. Now supposing you just write 10 articles in a year. That is 36,000.00 but it is important to understand that it is not money that you earn all at once. You obviously earn more money in year two and this keeps on increasing every year the more you write.

That is why I said, I know how to get rich but hadn't cracked the get rich quick bit. However, if you are a prolific writer, can keep sending in regular articles on popular topics, your income will grow much faster. I should also point out that the above figures are just suggestions. You could earn only 1.00 per page, you could earn 20.00 per page it just depends on the subject matter, how many visitors click though to the paying advertisers and what the advertisers are paying per visit.

You will only make money if the web pages your articles are hosted on are in the top ten of Google. I know how to achieve this and without this knowledge, like all the billions of other websites on the internet, your article would be doomed to the bowels of the search engines. It is absolutely essential that you get the traffic to earn any money.

This is a business that requires absolutely zero investment but will take up your time and will generate an income years into the future from work that you do today. Depending on your level of commitment, it is one way that you can make money, your income will continue to grow and eventually generate massive income on a regular basis. It is the only way that I know that anyone with little talent or ability but the desire to make money can find a way to get rich.

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