How to get out of debt * banish debt problems * get advice on earning extra money * and saving on household bills

Change your attitude to spending and you will solve your debt problems. This applies to everything you buy, whether it is your weekly shopping, major purchases or your household utility bills.

A low income is no excuse to get into debt. People on high incomes and low incomes get into debt simply by mismanaging their finances and not being prepared to wait before making a major purchase. This point has been emphasised throughout this article about how to get out of debt and wipe out debt problems.

Get out of debt * stay out of debt * save money on every day living expenses * earn an additional income from home

During this article about debt we have already covered

How a television can cost you 75% less when you pay cash

How peer pressure can get you into debt

How to reduce your household bills

Managing debt by managing your diet

Earning extra money from home

How to pay cash for a car without finance

If you have made debt a way of life and felt there was no way out, then hopefully we have changed your mind and shown you that you can not just have a life without debt but a life where you need never have to worry about money again.

If we can help you help you earn some extra cash and change your attitude to spending money and the way you approach your lifestyle, then maybe we can show you how to get out of debt, or reduce your monthly outgoings, reduce your household bills, or even earn additional income from home and, most importantly, stay out of debt and start to acquire some wealth.

From being deep in debt, by reducing your interest repayments and your other monthly outgoings, plus showing you how to generate additional income from home, you could be sitting comfortably for years to come.

Having got yourself into a position where you have extra cash, don't slip back into borrowing money even on 0% finance. This would simply mean you are committed to a monthly outlay. Wait and save for everything you need and buy in the sales. Once you start this habit, you will always have money in the bank to make any major purchase.

  1. You have to change your mindset and attitude to borrowing money. Is the purchase an absolute essential or simply a whim? Do you have to have it now? Can it wait until you have got your finances sorted?

  2. Take a close look at your current borrowings. Would a debt consolidation mortgage at a cheaper rate be a sensible option? Roll up all your debts for one last time, to reduce your outgoings and start to accumulate capital for your next major purchase. Make sure that there are no early get out penalty clauses, should you want to pay off the mortgage early.

  3. If you really are struggling to meet your debts and have debts in excess of 15,000 then you should investigate the benefits of an IVA.

  4. You should also look at ways to reduce your household bills. This doesn't just mean switching to a cheaper utility supplier. This involves changing the way you shop and what you buy.

  5. Having cut your overheads and monthly outgoings, would additional money earned at home come in useful? You could then take this additional money and pay it into a savings account and start to accumulate money for your next major purchase or paying your mortgage off early.

No one is going to help you to get out of debt unless you help yourself. So if you are serious about getting out of debt and changing your life - do something about it and get rid of that debt problem.


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