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The UK population is split into those who are wondering how to get out of debt or ways to pay off their debts fast and people who seem to be doing very nicely thank you. UK interest rates are on the rise, more homeowners have mortgage arrears, home repossession numbers are up by 30%, record numbers are filing for bankruptcy, but the economy is doing well so that's alright then.

You are most likely one of those people with mounting debt problems who can't seem to find a way out and every month, no matter what you do, the bills that arrive on your door mat amount to more than the income coming into your home. This is a miserable situation to be in; relationships are strained, arguments ensue, sleepless nights take their toll and all you want to do is bury your head and hope a miracle will happen.

Over the next few pages, I will provide you with advice and solutions on how to get out of debt and pay off your debts fast. No empty promises, no fantastic ideas, no get rich schemes, just sensible advice and realistic solutions to real financial problems faced by millions of UK residents.

What are my qualifications for providing this advice? In 1990, by the age of 37, I had a successful career, a big house, residential and commercial property investments and holiday homes in France and Wales. On paper at least, I was a millionaire a few times over and frankly, I didn't believe I could put a foot wrong. At the age of 39, without boring you with how and why; but never sue a bank, I had lost the lot and I mean everything. Cleaned out, homeless, penniless except one major asset - my wife who stood by me through everything.

Today, I am a man of property, large house, residential and commercial property investments, land and business interests worth several million but with one big difference. I have no mortgages, no debts, no credit cards or borrowings of any description. This time, no bank can turn on me or pull the rug from under my feet and I have achieved this despite having been knocked back twice by business partners who stole from me. Each time that happened, I had to pick myself up and reinvent myself and virtually start from scratch again.

I have been through the mill, been rung out and left to dry, been knocked down, kicked by people I trusted and written off by people who I thought trusted my abilities. When you reach rock bottom, you find out who your friends are or if in fact you have any. I have been rich and I have been poor and I know which one I prefer. I have made mistakes and I accept full responsibility for having made them but hopefully my advice will prevent you from making more of your own.

So, if you have debt problems, are looking for ways to pay off your debts and want to place yourself in a position where you never have to worry about debt problems ever again - read on. Over the next few pages I will explain how to get out of debt, put yourself back on a sound financial footing and even place yourself in a position where you never have to worry about debt again. This will take time, it will mean changes to your lifestyle, you will require patience and determination and you won't always like what I have to say.

All my advice is free, I am not selling some get rich scheme like others who promise to tell you how to get rich if you send them money. The only people who ever earn anything out of those get rich schemes are the people who start them and feed off the mugs that think there is a secret, magical formula that leads to financial success. There is no secret, no magic just hard work and determination. I rebuilt my life because I kept getting back up each time I got knocked down. You only lose when you fail to get back up and whilst you may feel that you are powerless to do anything, there are always solutions, no matter how bad your money problems are.

On this page and the following pages I will provide links to solutions to get you out of debt. Not instantly, but to get you on a stable financial footing and once that is achieved, all you need to do is follow my advice on how to pay your debts off fast.


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