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How the internet works, understanding the search engines, affiliate marketing, content versus relevancy, algorithms and human intervention.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people wanting to start an internet business simply blunder in without any real understanding of how the internet or search engines work. The myth prevails that the internet is a level playing field and owning a website is a way to make easy money. Neither is true.

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You wouldn't buy a football, find a pitch and recruit a few players and expect to win the FA cup as the very thought would be preposterous; so why believe that getting any old website designer to build a website is going to be a champion world beater? Yet millions of people charge in with the belief that a god or unusual idea is going to make their fortune.

To succeed on the internet, you have to recruit the best managers and backroom staff, have the money to but in the best players to build, manage, develop and market the site and you have to have a winning website to gander the support (customers) to make the whole thing profitable.

The big corporate internet companies spend fortunes on their internet presence, have large IT teams working for them full time and have experts advising. Everything, from the type of server and where your server is situated, the type of website, how it is built, the level of content, how it is written and presented, the type of database, the search engine optimisation, internet advertising, affiliate marketing, linking strategies and a mass of other criteria will have a direct influence on the success of your website.

Worthless websites are churned out in their millions every year by website designers who know or care little about how the internet works. They fulfil a demand from na´ve internet entrepreneurs who have not done their homework and are blinkered to the realities of how the search engines work.


No one, except the people who run their search engines can tell you exactly how they work. Their algorithms are a closely guarded secret and all anyone can do is give you an insight into what their research has discovered about what will help a website perform well on a particular search engine and why they believe it to be the case. One thing is certain, if it works on Google, it will almost certainly have the reverse effect on MSN and Yahoo and vice versa. That is why Utopele is so important to anyone who has a website or wishes to start an internet business.

How MSN works

How UTOPELE works

How YAHOO works

How GOOGLE works

My company has been researching how the major search engines work for a number of years and because they are constantly changing their algorithms and improving their search bias, it is impossible to publish a definitive report. However, the above links will give you some idea as to how the most important search engines work.

Whilst there are numerous other search engines that profess to have millions of users, in my experience, the above are the most important and will generate more than 90% of the traffic to your website. The other 10% will come through the many other minor search engines and is therefore not worth investigation.

So how does the MSN search engine work?

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