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How the search engines work, understanding the internet, why most websites are a disaster and what you should do to succeed on the World Wide Web.

In order to visit a website, you either have to type the domain name into your browser or do a search through a search engine. Typically, the search engine will deliver two sets of results - their organic or natural listings and their paid for inclusion or sponsored results. Search engines pretty much work in the same way but their machinations (algorithms or bias) will determine which websites appear in the rankings and in which order.

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A good percentage of a search engines income comes from their paid for inclusion rankings; other wise known as pay per click or sponsored advertising. If a website does not appear in the top ten rankings of the natural listings the website owner has to pay to be listed in the sponsored links by bidding against other websites and pays each time someone clicks through to their website.

Try any search on any search engine and you will almost certainly get millions of web pages returned in the natural listings for the keywords you used. The pages are returned in the order that the search engine considers the web pages to be most relevant and or important to your search. Although all these web pages are competing against each other it does not mean that they are all highly relevant to your search; it simply means that the pages contain the words or at least one in the Meta tags or page content.

However, it should give you an insight into the problem that most websites face when trying to attract visitors for relevant key search terms and as most websites are not built for the search engines, their owners are compelled to pay for inclusion in the rankings to stand any hope of gaining traffic.


There are search engine optimisation companies who claim that 80% of all internet traffic comes through the natural listings. As one of the best search engine optimisation companies on the internet, I can tell you that in my experience, this is not the case. Pay per click advertising can generate far more traffic and in a much shorter space of time. However, it can be far more expensive and unless managed correctly, can prove less profitable.

Search engine optimisation, if done properly and there are few SEO companies who actually know how the search engines work can prove to be less expensive in the long term and can help generate sales for many years to come. Pay per click means you will always have to pay to be found by the search engines. The solution is to opt for both.


There are countless search engines, meta search engines and web directories and I have extensively researched how many of the most important search engines work. I cannot possibly cover them all here but have provided a list of all search engines for those of you that are interested.

I will however go into a certain amount of detail about how the search engines I feel are most important work and use their algorithms and are most likely to play a major role in your success on the internet.





Three of the above search engines you will most certainly have heard of, Utopele will be unknown to all but those of us who know and understand how the internet works and believe that it is going to turn the internet on its head.

Google is by far the most important of all the search engines because of its market share of people surfing the internet. A top ten ranking on Google in the natural listings for competitive search terms will almost certainly guarantee the success of any website providing there is a demand for the product or service they are selling.

MSN and Yahoo come a poor second as far as traffic levels are concerned but markets can be unpredictable and these two corporate giants should not be written off. Utopele is a minnow compared to all three but I believe that its unique approach to how people use the internet is likely to propel this search engine into one of the most important search and internet marketing tools on the web. And that is why I think it is worth mentioning in the same breath as the others.

Whilst all the other search engines have been sparring for dominance and copying everything the others do, Utopele has approached the market by harnessing the success of the other search engines. This will become obvious to everyone and anyone who wants to make money from the internet and is wondering how to profit from traffic through all the search engines.

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