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In order to own a successful website it is essential to have a basic understanding of how the internet works. Too many people waste their money on useless websites because they don't know what they are doing. It is even more essential to understand how the search engines work to avoid getting ripped off by cowboy website designers.

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The internet offers you the opportunity to sell your products or services to a global market and the search engines expose you to global competition. Most website designers will tell you the former and fail to mention the latter. You would think that most people would understand this but are so focused on the idea of making millions, they fail to consider the complexities and problems this poses.

Whilst it is possible to take a business idea and have a website built, they do not constitute a successful business as most people who go down this road discover. The problem is; it is far too easy to have a website built for a small investment without any forethought as to how customers are going to find the website and there are too many website designers who will happily build a website to order without mentioning this fact. Consequently, new internet entrepreneurs who are ignorant of how the internet and search engines work lose money all the time.

This is why it is better to start off building a website on Utopele that costs next to nothing in business terms to see if the business has a chance of success.

Setting up a business in a shop or office requires far more investment and entrepreneurs who go down this route normally have specialist advice and a business plan that includes financial projections. Too often I approached by budding entrepreneurs who have a business idea but have not done a business plan, any research nor have any business acumen. The internet makes it too easy for these people to set up a business and consequently lose their money. Many website designers prey on their ignorance and are quite happy to build their website knowing they have little chance of success.

Whilst it could be argued that it is not the website designers' job to explain the pitfalls of trying to make money on the internet, it means that they are making money out of peoples' ignorance.


If you are setting up a business, it is essential that you have a basic understanding of all the areas of your business. The internet is no different to opening a shop in that respect. If you plans for internet success include winning new customers through your website, you cannot just troop off to a local website designer and hope they have the experience and understanding of the internet and search engines to build you a website that is going to compete at a high level.

I speak to so many people who say they have a friend who is a whiz with computers and will build them a website. To succeed on the internet you have to have someone with talents of Olympic proportions not someone who jogs for a hobby. The internet is so big it is impossible to conceive anymore than you can imagine the idea of eternity or infinity. Your website is going to be competing against billions of websites, most of which never get seen by anyone but their owners.

Furthermore, the internet is growing at an unprecedented rate, not just with the number of new websites that are being uploaded everyday but many of these websites carry tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of web pages. Each, if configured correctly is a doorway to their website. If you have a website with ten pages, you probably have more chance of winning the lottery than your ten pages being found amongst the billions of web pages that are stored on the internet. There are of course solutions.

There are tens of millions of website designers in the world, what makes you think that your friend or local website designer is a world beater? They probably have no idea how the search engines and internet really work.

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